Simon’s Adoption (S. Korea)

June 11 2011: We finally felt like it was time to seriously move forward with adoption #2. With the Philippines setting a moratorium which prevented us adopting from there for the foreseeable future, we had to start thinking about where our next child would be from. Thailand had just opened back up and we were eager to get our application in with Holt to adopt a child from there, feeling it was similar to the Philippines, and loved what we learned about the culture.

June 22 2011: We found out that Thailand is not an option for us, due to Dave’s past health history. I felt incredibly frustrated by it, but after talking with the social worker at our adoption placement agency, we felt that the S. Korea Waiting Child program is another great option for our family. Dave proceeded to call his doctor to get a letter detailing his past health history so that we could send it to S. Korea to get pre-approval before we went any further with the adoption.

July 20 2011: S. Korea okayed us to proceed with our home study! We began gathering what we need and making doctor appointments for the home study documents.

July 24 2011: We checked the waiting child photolisting page on Holt’s website (a dangerous page because it makes you want to bring every scrumptious baby home) and see a new little boy on the photolisting. We read through the brief introduction on the website and decided to request more information about the little boy and his potential needs.

July 26 2011: We sent out the information we received to the University of Minnesota’s Int’l Adoption Clinic to get an idea of what types of special needs we could encounter with this adoption. We also found out that another family had requested information on the same boy, so we needed to make a decision on whether or not to proceed by August 8.

July 28 2011: We received a report back from the IAC and decided that we wanted to pursue adopting this little boy. We received questionnaires from our adoption placement agency that we needed to complete before we could be presented to the selection committee. We found out that the other family was also interested in adopting this little boy. We worked feverishly over the weekend  to complete our questionnaires and requested our home study and post-placement reports from our first (Ezekiel’s) adoption to be sent in as well.

August 1 2011: Our completed questionnaires were sent back to the agency, and we found out that the selection committee would make their decision on August 4, and that we needed to have a conference call with the program director the night before so that she could go through our questionnaires and ask any additional questions.

August 3 2011: We had the conference call. It went quicker than expected, and after hearing our answers to her questions, she emphasized how hard it will be for the family she has to call telling them that they will not be the parents of this special little boy. We were certain she meant us.

August 4 2011: Dave came home at lunch because he couldn’t focus on work anymore. We laid Eze down for his nap (and he slept that day – thank you God!), then sat down and watched a movie to try and keep our minds off of what was happening over in Eugene, OR (where the selection committee was meeting). Watching the clock was agonizing. At 1:00, I commented that maybe they forgot about us. I went upstairs around 2:00 to work on the computer because I couldn’t focus on the movie anymore. At 2:27 our home telephone rang. I sprinted down the stairs and got into the family room just in time to hear her telling Dave, “Congratulations!!!!! It was an easy choice”. I started crying and laughing and couldn’t speak except to tell her thank you about a thousand times.

August 15 2011: The job placement agency I have worked with in the past for short-term projects called me to see if I’m ready to start working again – they claimed to have the perfect short-term project for me.

August 17 2011: I had the interview, and found out that afternoon that I got the job!

August 18 2011: Dave’s doctor appointment showed he’s healthy except for a bladder infection. The doctor wouldn’t release our home study medical form until it’s cleared up. (grrr — messing with the mama bear).

August 25 2011: Dave’s medical report came back clear. But his doctor was off until the next week, and the clinic wouldn’t allow anyone else to sign off on it. (yet another grrr from the mama bear).

August 29 2011: Dave’s medical was finally completed and sent to our home study agency.

September 14 2011: Our 9-year anniversary. AND the day of our home study (which lasted a long long time – I was ready for bed as soon as it was over. Talking about yourself for 4 hours while trying to also keep your 4-year old entertained is exhausting).

September 29 2011: The first draft of our home study was complete and our home study agency began it’s review of it to ensure it looked complete.

October 13 2011Simon’s first birthday. And the day that our home study agency sent our home study to our placement agency.

October 18 2011: Our placement agency called Dave at home to tell him that the home study looked great, and we could move forward with the acceptance packet! I worked feverishly all afternoon/evening to gather documents and fill out paperwork. Then nearly had a panic attack when we realized that Dave’s passport was expired. Luckily it is not needed for this portion of the paperwork. Vowed to plant an extra tree to make up for the ridiculous amount of paperwork an adoption produces.

October 19 2011: We headed to the bank to have our documents notarized, discovered there was one document that I filled out wrong (so mad at myself), drove to Dave’s brother’s house nearby to print out a new form and headed back to the bank to have it notarized. Hustled over to the shipping store only to find that I missed the closing time by 5 minutes. Proceeded to have a meltdown in the truck while talking to my mom on the phone about it. My dad called to say another Fed.Ex is open later. Dave drove as fast as he safely and (almost) legally could to the shipping store while I headed home with Eze and prayed specifically that the Fed.Ex guy was running late. Dave made it to the store 5 minutes before the FedEx guy arrived to take the last packages of the night. Many prayers of thanks for that “yes” 🙂 OH, and Ezekiel was with us during all of this chaotic running around, being a COMPLETE angel. Everyone remarked at what a great kid he is and I couldn’t agree more!

October 21 2011: Our placement agency e-mailed at the end of the day to tell us the packet had been sent to Korea! We are finally officially waiting to bring him home.

February 29 2012: We got fingerprinted for our I-600A or I-600. Or LMNOP. I can’t remember all the names of these dang forms.

March 7 2012: We received our Favorable Determination from our fingerprinting/I-600 thingie.

June 20 2012: We were super bummed to find out we missed the cut-off for Simon’s EP to be submitted by just three weeks.

July 12 2012: We received e-mail notification that Simon’s EP was submitted!!!!!!

July 31 2012: EP Approved!

August 2 2012: Visa Physical completed.

August 23 2012: Class B received

August 31 2012: After the USPS lost our first signed and notarized Class Bs, we FedExed new signed and notarized ones to our agency.


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