Yesterday I checked my e-mail after lunch and found an e-mail from our placement agency with the subject line “2nd Physical Exam & Photos”. I thought I was going to pass out, I was so happy to see that!. Crazy thing is earlier in the day, Dave had texted me that he was feeling really emotional and bummed that Simon wouldn’t be here this Christmas. When I called to tell him to get to a computer so that we could look at pictures (!!!) together, he was astounded and oh-so-pleased.

We opened the e-mail at the same time, and just sat on the phone silently, grinning at the handsome face of our son. I’m pretty sure I could hear Dave’s grin over the phone. Then we read through the physical exam together. Simon is “cute and fine”, just like he’s been in all of his other exams. He is the same size at 13 months that his big brother was at 20 months 🙂 And he is now WALKING! Oh my. What a big boy.

It was all I could do to focus on my afternoon meetings with visions of that little man running through my head. I was trying my hardest to focus on what the doctors and nurses at work were saying, and it took lots of energy to listen to them, and not start thinking, “I wonder when we’ll travel? What will he look like by then? I wonder if he had a dol (birthday party) for his first birthday? I wonder if we’ll get pictures of that?” Meanwhile, Dave was remembering what our friend Dustin told him once about the adoption seeming more real with each update and each picture they received. Dave whole-heartedly agrees, it feels more real each time we get these awesome updates and beautiful pictures. We didn’t get updates during our wait for Ezekiel, so it feels like Christmas has arrived with each of these updates.

When we showed the pictures to Ezekiel, he was so excited. He loved that Simon was smiling big in the pictures. He is such an awesome big brother.

What's that? You like my hat?

Why thanks! I think it's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

He makes this mama's heart go pitter-pat


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