Ho Ho Ho

Last night I went all Suzy Homemaker and made White Chocolate Peanut Butter for my co-workers.  Dave was pumped that the recipe made more than I needed and I had to leave some at home. He promised to try and not eat it all while I’m at work today. (I’ve got my eye on you, Reebs).

Tomorrow morning Dave is taking my parents up to the airport, then delivering goodies to all of our landscaping clients who live up in the Twin Cities area. So Ezekiel and I will have the morning to ourselves tomorrow. We might have to go out on a little Christmas Eve date. What to do?

Ezekiel is a full-blown believer of Santa Claus. One night before bed I told him a story about my sisters and I having a slumber party and waiting up to catch Santa in the act (true story). I told him that when we came upstairs after hearing a noise, I saw a black boot attached to a red pant leg flying up the fireplace chimney (false story). His eyes were huge and he completely believed every word I said. Now he tells many of the people we see that “My mommy SAW Santa Claus once!” I’m kind of a big deal.


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