The Brood

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Welcome to our new(est) blog. Yes, this would be blog #3 for our family. Sorry. I think we’re settled now on a name that doesn’t include our names, and one that is inclusive of any child or other being we may add to our family, regardless of where they were born or what color hair they may have.

Our family includes (as of October 2011):

The Dad – Dave. He rocks. He can do anything with plants/rocks/grass/trees. And he remembers the name of any landscape-related item he sees. And gets only slightly annoyed that I only can identify tulips and daisies, no matter how many times he tells me what an aster is, or a black-eyed susan. He also knows the lyrics to every song he’s ever heard. And is the best husband and father in the world – he pretty much rocks our socks off.

The Mom – Rachel. I am a self-professed geek. I love spreadsheets. And organization, but not cleaning. I like cooking when I have the time, and especially trying out new recipes on unsuspecting friends. My favorite time is spent with family. I really enjoy getting to know people and making connections, but also really really love my alone time when I can read a book or veg out in front of technology or take a nap (!). I do realize this type of relaxation will decrease exponentially by the number of children we add to our family.

Bambino #1 – Ezekiel. Adopted from the Philippines in December 2008 at 20 months old. A feisty, energetic, scary-smart and beautiful little boy. And by little, I do mean little. He makes up for it in sassiness and general adorableness. He loves to read books, play games (just like his mama), be a crazy head and make everyone around him laugh. I think it’s his goal in life. His favorite time is anytime that the 3 of us are home together, focused on being together and making memories.

Bambino #2 – Simon. Waiting for us in S. Korea. He turned 1 in October, and is currently living with a foster family there. We hope to have him home in the next 8-12-18 months (praying for the short side of that!). I can’t wait to see what changes this addition will bring to our family. And I can’t wait to see what kind of personality this little man has. But really, I just can’t wait to snuggle him in my arms far longer than he will probably like to be held, and nuzzle his gorgeous little cheeks.

The Dog – Gus. Guggy. Augustus Von Shtueven. Our standard-sized, brindle-haired schnoodle dog who is the silliest and sweetest dog we’ve ever owned. He cries and whines when he gets a new bone until he finds the perfect hiding spot for it. He is absolutely in love with his Eze, and is very protective of him. He’s at least twice the weight of Ezekiel, and puts up with much in the “boy loves dog” department. His favorite time is any time someone is touching him or talking to him. Especially if they’re willing to throw him a carrot.


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