This weekend, the boys and I had quite an adventure. We were playing at a new friend’s house, and went down to check out their spring-fed pond. As the boys ran down the steep bank, I was close behind. I watched as they checked out the ice, when suddenly I saw Simon fall into a hole in the ice. Never have I run so fast in my life. Thankfully he caught himself by his armpits before going completely under the water, and our little friend held onto his hand as I slithered on my belly to pull him out of the water. My new friend and I worked together to scramble up the steep snowy bank, and get him changed into warm clothes. Just a few minutes later, swathed in warm clothes, Simon was happily playing with cars on the warm couch.

It wasn’t until I got home later yesterday afternoon that I was struck by how different the situation could have turned out. I found myself holding the boys a little tighter and longer than normal. Tonight, Simon fell asleep in 2.2 minutes. Totally unlike him, my little night owl. After a weekend like that, he was exhausted. I sat in his room, rocking in his chair, watching as he drifted off to sleep. So thankful and relieved that everything turned out well.

Love. Them.

Love. Them.


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