Simon is one funny little mister. He’s not the same kind of loud, physical comedian as his brother. He’s got his own kind of humor. Often, it’s his literal interpretation of something we’ve just said. He’s funny without even realizing it. One day, Dave said, “Simon, I’ve got a cup of milk with your name on it!” Simon took the cup from him, looked very closely at it, and said (with complete sincerity), “Daddy, I don’t see my name on dis cup!”

He is very deliberate with his speech. People are often astounded at the extent of his vocabulary. Every once in a while, he will have a funny way of saying words. I never correct him, because I love those little words. He calls pancakes “pampakes”. He calls porta-potties “toila-potties”. Adorbs.

Today, Dave took the boys on a hiking adventure by the river in our town. They saw a man hiking, and stopped to chat with him. When they finished chatting, Simon called back, “See you later! It was nice to meet you, Mr. Pat!” And today at church, there was a man talking with us and asked Simon when his birthday is. Simon finished answering and said, “And what about when your birthday is?!” He is so sweet, and interested in others. I love watching this boy live life.


Firefighter Simon!


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