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Aaargh matey

Aaargh matey

Today was a big day for the awesome Dave. He submitted his first essay for his first grad class this morning. He laughed as he told me it didn’t feel real, because the last time he turned in a paper, it was on actual paper. Many years ago. And submitting a paper electronically just doesn’t feel real. I love that old guy.

The even bigger news of the day?? Dave found out that he received a grant that he applied for – the Child Welfare grant for students pursuing a Master’s in Social Work, with a goal of working in Public Child Welfare after graduation. AND he was offered a grad assistantship in the Social Work office of his university. He worked so hard to get all of the applications and essays in for these – and his hard work totally paid off. I am so proud of him!

This means that Dave won’t have to take out any additional student loans for his MSW. Woo hoo!! This guy rocks.


Si guy

I was scolded last week for not keeping up with the blog for Simon like I did for Ezekiel. I know one of these days I will look back and wish I’d done much more. So I’m forgoing the normal bedtime tonight to record some Simon-isms.

This kid is dang funny. Lately, when he has an idea, he will say, “I have an indee-ah!!” And 80% of the time he runs off to find a “tool” so he can help us do something.

This boy is still a Daddy guy through and through. When Dave is working on landscaping, or working out in the garage, Simon will come and ask where his “work gloves” are. And then we will find his red, white and blue mittens from Gran, and he will put them on and work hard with his daddy. The look on his face when Dave tells him he’s a hard worker and a good worker is adorable. He’s so proud.

He is only waking up in an utterly grumpy mood 80% of the time these days!! There was one day a few weekends ago that he slept until 9 am. It was pretty awesome. I know it won’t be as awesome come the teenage years. We have learned to completely ignore him in the mornings until he’s ready to acknowledge our presence. It goes much better that way.

I still love that we can give this kid a bag of snacks, and he is content to sit still, munch, and watch the world around him. Simon’s a watcher. Ezekiel is a doer, a mover, and a shaker. It’s nice to see their differences, and watch each of them become the great kids that they are.


Bed head!


This can’t be comfortable. And the 80s-style wristband? Keeps our little puker from hurling all over the car.


Someone hates having sad pictures taken. I think he’s cute. Even when he’s crying. Okay maybe a little crazy too.



Kefir moustache!


Nerds. I love these boys more than words.


Working hard with Daddy on the raised garden bed!

Mama and her boys on Easter!!

Mama and her boys on Easter!!


Work gloves!!

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