Big Boy Bed!!!

Before we left for vacation, my cousin and his wife gave us a toddler bed that they weren’t planning to use. We set it up in the boys’ room the morning that we left, so that we could take Simon’s pack n’ play to the cabin where we stayed. He began sleeping in it the day we got back from our vacation, and it’s gone fairly well.

Tonight, the boys were squirrelly, so Eze was sent to our bed while Simon stayed in his bed. Neither of them like that consequence (“I need my bwudder, Eze!!”). As soon as they were quiet, I slapped on my shoes to go for a walk/run. Dave worked in the garage while I was gone.

I walked back in the house and saw the boys’ bedroom door wide open. Simon wasn’t in his bed, and I got nervous for 2.2 seconds. I peeked into our bedroom, and Simon was laying on Eze on our bed with his blankie and pillow. He started crying as soon as he saw us, and said, “I didn’t know!” I asked him if he was scared because he didn’t know where we were. He sobbed, “Yah!” I held him for a while, snuggled him back into his bed, and he fell asleep shortly after. Later, I went in to ask Eze if Simon had woke him up. He replied (with a very confused look on his face), “I don’t really know what just happened”. And promptly rolled over and fell back to sleep.




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