We Loved You, Vacation!

Last week, we went up to north central Minnesota for a vacation. I didn’t blog about it beforehand, cuz you know, stalkers. Or not. I haven’t taken a full week off of work for an actual vacation, not related to an adoption or sick kiddos in 5+ years. It was glorious!

We went with my family to celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary, and their 60th birthdays, which all happen between August and October. All of my siblings met us there, as well as my grandpa, and my little nieces (or not-so-little, as Maddie is only an inch shorter than me!). My older nieces weren’t able to make it. One niece left last week for a semester-long adventure to study in Budapest!

Anyway, we had a lovely, mostly-relaxing, incredibly fun week being together as our little family of 4, and laughing, playing and eating with my family. Eze’s favorite parts of the week were fishing and paddle boarding. Simon’s favorite part was whining. Just kidding. Sort of. He loved commenting on everyone’s cars, and chewing on toothpicks with Uncle Nate. Dave’s favorite part was fishing. My favorite parts were playing games, laughing until my stomach hurt and tears steamed down my face, and singing karaoke with my family.

The rest of the week’s posts will be filled with pics from our awesome week 🙂


Simon and his “tootpick


Eze the fisherman!


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