On Friday night, we camped in a nearby town with my cousin and his family. I set very low expectations for the weekend, and we ended up having a pretty good time! We had a campfire and ate hotdogs and s’mores, snuggled all together and slept in the chilly night air, ate a sugar-filled breakfast, hiked some trails, and swam in a great little man-made lake.

My highlights of the weekend were:
– Waking up to find Simon snuggled with his face in my side, covering his eyes from the morning light. We don’t co-sleep with Simon, since he sleeps in Eze’s room, but I find that I really love the times that I do get to sleep with him. When he’s actually sleeping instead of chattering in my ear.

– Listening to Ezekiel and my cousin’s son hiking together, chatting in their 5- and 6-year old boy way. We heard Ezekiel say, “My grandparents were alive then. In the 1960s. When there were dinosaurs”. And then heard Quinn answer back, “Um, there were not dinosaurs alive at the same time as people”. Very entertaining.

– Simon putting “lotion” on me in the lake. He just stood near me while I was talking, and scooped water in his hands to rub on my legs. He did this for about 20 minutes, and it was so relaxing. Knowing that he’s adjusting to us more and more all the time. He loves to be near us, and loves to touch us. It’s pretty cool.

It is so fun having cousins so close by. I really enjoyed being able to spend time with family. And I was impressed with our boys having only a couple of meltdowns, only a handful of questionable choices, and an overall good attitude. I think more camping trips are in our family’s future!


Roasting hotdogs at the fire


Cousin adorableness


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