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There were a lot of activities for the kiddos to do at the resort where we stayed. Simon just wanted to play with their little car and train collection 🙂


Eze, on the other hand, built a rocket for a rocket launch competition. He won 5th place, too!!


When my younger sister and her family got there early Tuesday morning, Niece G ran upstairs to wake up Auntie Yaya and Uncle Jay, and then decided to stay and snuggle with them. She’s a darn good snuggler.


My sister and I went shopping at a grocery store connected to a hardware store. It had some fun signs.


Eze won the fishing contest Tuesday night. The prize was a double scoop ice cream cone!


Big Boy Bed!!!

Before we left for vacation, my cousin and his wife gave us a toddler bed that they weren’t planning to use. We set it up in the boys’ room the morning that we left, so that we could take Simon’s pack n’ play to the cabin where we stayed. He began sleeping in it the day we got back from our vacation, and it’s gone fairly well.

Tonight, the boys were squirrelly, so Eze was sent to our bed while Simon stayed in his bed. Neither of them like that consequence (“I need my bwudder, Eze!!”). As soon as they were quiet, I slapped on my shoes to go for a walk/run. Dave worked in the garage while I was gone.

I walked back in the house and saw the boys’ bedroom door wide open. Simon wasn’t in his bed, and I got nervous for 2.2 seconds. I peeked into our bedroom, and Simon was laying on Eze on our bed with his blankie and pillow. He started crying as soon as he saw us, and said, “I didn’t know!” I asked him if he was scared because he didn’t know where we were. He sobbed, “Yah!” I held him for a while, snuggled him back into his bed, and he fell asleep shortly after. Later, I went in to ask Eze if Simon had woke him up. He replied (with a very confused look on his face), “I don’t really know what just happened”. And promptly rolled over and fell back to sleep.



We Loved You, Vacation!

Last week, we went up to north central Minnesota for a vacation. I didn’t blog about it beforehand, cuz you know, stalkers. Or not. I haven’t taken a full week off of work for an actual vacation, not related to an adoption or sick kiddos in 5+ years. It was glorious!

We went with my family to celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary, and their 60th birthdays, which all happen between August and October. All of my siblings met us there, as well as my grandpa, and my little nieces (or not-so-little, as Maddie is only an inch shorter than me!). My older nieces weren’t able to make it. One niece left last week for a semester-long adventure to study in Budapest!

Anyway, we had a lovely, mostly-relaxing, incredibly fun week being together as our little family of 4, and laughing, playing and eating with my family. Eze’s favorite parts of the week were fishing and paddle boarding. Simon’s favorite part was whining. Just kidding. Sort of. He loved commenting on everyone’s cars, and chewing on toothpicks with Uncle Nate. Dave’s favorite part was fishing. My favorite parts were playing games, laughing until my stomach hurt and tears steamed down my face, and singing karaoke with my family.

The rest of the week’s posts will be filled with pics from our awesome week 🙂


Simon and his “tootpick


Eze the fisherman!

Poor Sick Baby

Simon guy developed a fever over the course of the day today. Dave said he woke up grumpy after naptime, and felt warm. Dave took his temp, and it kept climbing throughout the afternoon/evening. I got home from work, and he was just a little puddle on the couch, watching Tinkerbell. I sat down next to him, and he asked, “Mommy? I sit on yoh lap??” Cue my heart melting. I adore having a snuggler, and loved that he burrowed deep into my arms when I wrapped them around him.


Sniffle sniffle


On Friday night, we camped in a nearby town with my cousin and his family. I set very low expectations for the weekend, and we ended up having a pretty good time! We had a campfire and ate hotdogs and s’mores, snuggled all together and slept in the chilly night air, ate a sugar-filled breakfast, hiked some trails, and swam in a great little man-made lake.

My highlights of the weekend were:
– Waking up to find Simon snuggled with his face in my side, covering his eyes from the morning light. We don’t co-sleep with Simon, since he sleeps in Eze’s room, but I find that I really love the times that I do get to sleep with him. When he’s actually sleeping instead of chattering in my ear.

– Listening to Ezekiel and my cousin’s son hiking together, chatting in their 5- and 6-year old boy way. We heard Ezekiel say, “My grandparents were alive then. In the 1960s. When there were dinosaurs”. And then heard Quinn answer back, “Um, there were not dinosaurs alive at the same time as people”. Very entertaining.

– Simon putting “lotion” on me in the lake. He just stood near me while I was talking, and scooped water in his hands to rub on my legs. He did this for about 20 minutes, and it was so relaxing. Knowing that he’s adjusting to us more and more all the time. He loves to be near us, and loves to touch us. It’s pretty cool.

It is so fun having cousins so close by. I really enjoyed being able to spend time with family. And I was impressed with our boys having only a couple of meltdowns, only a handful of questionable choices, and an overall good attitude. I think more camping trips are in our family’s future!


Roasting hotdogs at the fire


Cousin adorableness

Mommy Boy

Lately, Simon has been adding “boy” to the end of each of our names. So now, I’m “Mommy boy”, and when I correct him, he says, “Oh, Mommy gihl”. He was crying about me washing his hair in the tub last night, and cried, “I no want Mommy boy a wash a my hair. Want Daddy boy a wash a my hair!” Apparently he’s also part Italian.

Last night, Eze finished his last swimming lesson of the summer. He passed, so it’s on to level 1 next summer!! We were super proud of him for going off the diving board and swimming to the edge without assistance from his lifeguard/teacher. He’s got a great backstroke. Maybe he’ll be a swimmer like his mama someday!

Can you guess what we are attempting to go and do tonight?!


Road Tripping

Last month, we drove up to Duluth to ride a train, visit my brother and sister-in-law, and have fun as a family. Our niece’s boyfriend manages a waterpark there, and we had a blast staying there and playing together in the water.

Rewind to the drive up. My sister and her husband drove the boys up to meet me at a mall closer to my work, so that we could head up to Duluth from there. We decided to eat supper at the mall to kill time to avoid sitting in traffic. We ate pizza. Greasy pizza. Mistake #1.

We got going in the car, and turned on a movie for the boys to watch on a portable DVD player. They were silent for the first hour, just watching the movie. Dave and I remarked to each other about “how awesome it is when the kids are quiet. We need to do this ‘movie-watching in the car’ more often”. Wrong. Mistake #2.

Earlier that day, my coworker mentioned some motion sickness bands she bought for her daughters at a drug store, reminding me that Simon has been car sick in the past. I told her I planned to buy some after work. And then forgot. Mistake #3.

About an hour into our drive, no less than 5 minutes after making the “quiet” comment, I heard a familiar sound come from Simon. Not a good sound. I turned around and asked, ” Are you okay, baby?” He shook his head no at me, with a very sad and pitiful look on his face. I asked him, “Does your tummy hurt?” And he nodded his head with the same look on his face. Warning: the next few sentences are not for the faint of stomach. A minute later, he started puking. And puking and puking and puking. The poor baby just couldn’t stop, and since he was in his car seat, he couldn’t even lean over. It just ran over his chin. And all over him, and every single crevice of his car seat. The only saving grace was that it somehow didn’t overflow onto our cloth seats.

We were a half mile away from the next highway exit, so Dave turned into the first gas station we could see. Both Eze and I were doing everything we could to keep our dinners in our bellies, the smell was so awful. We jumped out of the car as soon as it was parked, and I pretended to attempt to help Dave peel Simon’s clothes off his body. Thank God we made a pact pre-kids that he was in charge of pukes, while I was in charge of excessive poo messes. I can’t handle vomit. Dave waved me away.

I grabbed the kids’ pajamas from the trunk of the car, and walked them in, Simon wearing only a diaper and shoes. The station attendant looked at me with knowing sympathy in her eyes. I got the boys changed, and played with them on the sidewalk while Dave grabbed a tub of wipes and went to town on the car seat. I was impressed.

We made it to Duluth eventually that night, and despite the ordeal on the way up, and my neck hurting like the dickens (I guess my neck injury from my car accident in February does not like hotel beds), we had a wonderful time up in Duluth. We got all kinds of goodies at the waterpark hotel, and swam to our hearts’ content. We spent an evening with my brother and his wife, and our niece chatting. At one point, Auntie Amanda heard the ice cream truck, and grabbed Eze’s hand to sprint for a treat. The boys were in heaven. And the next day, we spent some time in Canal Park eating delicious food, and buying souvenirs. The boys saw a couple of ships, too.

Oh, and Simon got both Dramamine and motion sickness bands for the drive home. And all was well.

My hero

My hero

Super hero poses (playing while Daddy cleans up the car seat)

Super hero poses (playing while Daddy cleans up the car seat)

Eze, master of the big scary water bucket

Eze, master of the big scary water bucket

Eze chillaxing in the vortex pool

Eze chillaxing in the vortex pool

The crazy Ribars with a very kind train conductor

The crazy Ribars with a very kind train conductor

Mama and big boy Simon on the train!

Mama and big boy Simon on the train!

Web shooter hands on the train

Web shooter hands on the train

Cool dude. Cool shades.

Cool dude. Cool shades.

Ice cream treats!!!

Ice cream treats!!!

Eze and his buddy, Tiki Tom

Eze and his buddy, Tiki Tom

Eze's souvenir - a super cute harmonica trumpet

Eze’s souvenir – a super cute harmonica trumpet

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