Lately, Ezekiel has been licking himself on his arms or the backs of his hands. When I ask him what he is doing, he says, “I taste like chocolate, Mom!!! I just always taste like chocolate.” I asked him if I taste like something, and he licked my arm and told me that I taste, “like light chocolate. Maybe white chocolate”.


Last weekend, the boys slept at my parents’ house while Dave took me out on a birthday date. My mom always sleeps with Simon, and my dad with Eze (Eze loves to hear stories about Bompa when he was a little boy). My mom told me that when she was trying to get Simon to fall asleep (he is the king of staying awake at night), she closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping. He tried the following strategies to get her to interact with him:

– Playing with her earring. He would slide it back and forth in her ear. Then suddenly he would stop and exclaim, “I pahked it, Nana!! I pahked it in yoh eaw” (I parked it, Nana! I parked it in your ear).

– Progressively get louder and he sang, “Naaaanaaaaaa… Naaaaaaaanaaaaaaaa…… NAAAAAnaaaaaaaaaa…. NAAAAAANAAAAAAA!!!!”

Then, once he was asleep, she said he would kick out his arms and legs, and randomly yell out, “No, Eze, no!!!” Hee hee, his brother antagonizes him, even in his dreams.


Simon’s language continues to come along. When he sings his ABCs, he sings “A-B-C-D-H-I-K!!!!!”

He also walks around singing, “Happy birthday, Uncle Joel!”

“Wait me, I coming!” (Wait for me, I’m coming!)

He is now no longer speaking in the third person. The other night, he saw a picture of himself, and instead of saying, “Dat’s Simon”, he said, “Dat’s a me!”


These boys are growing closer and closer every day. Sure, we have a fair number of arguments every day. And accidental (most of the time) owies. But Ezekiel’s voice when he talks to Simon is 95% of the time sweet. Ezekiel will ask, “Hey Simon, want to play cars with me??” Simon will usually answer back, “Ummmmm….. sure, Eze!” They are keeping each other occupied, and playing really well together more and more often. Summer has been good to help their relationship grow better and better. Eze has more patience and grace with Simon than I’ve seen from him. And Simon is getting less angry when things go Eze’s way. I’m thankful as I watch their relationship grow.

"Shhhh... I'm on da phone... Oh, hi Uncle Jeff!" ummm... we don't know of any Uncle Jeffs.

“Shhhh… I’m on da phone… Oh, hi Uncle Jeff!”    …Ummm… we don’t know of any Uncle Jeffs.

Eze's new trumpet!

Eze’s new trumpet!

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!


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