Mama’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day felt different. I had a hard time getting into the swing of celebrating. I just kept thinking about the other women who are aching to be moms, waiting to be moms, mourning the loss of a child, and remembering how hard this day has been for me in years past. I’m not sure what it was about today.

My boys treated me just right with a super cute card, delicious muffins, and being quiet so I could sleep in a little this morning. We headed off to church (only 10 minutes late, nearly a record for the Reebs 4!), and Simon was struggling with not wanting to go to Sunday School and crying. I decided to stay in there with him to help him out, and he had a great morning there. (He had loved Sunday School for many weeks. But when he started daycare a couple of weeks ago, he started having some intense separation anxiety). We stopped to grab some sandwiches on the way home, and then biked to an arboretum to eat lunch with my family. It was colder than I had anticipated, so insisted on heading out right after lunch so that I could snuggle under my warm blankets for an afternoon nap. We were going to try and surprise the boys with an afternoon trip to the movie theater, but Simon woke up 7 minutes after the movie started, and I was bummed that we had to miss out on that fun. We ended the day with a nice pork chop dinner with the fam, and a fun bath time for the boys.

When I was feeling down today, my mom came to give me a hug and asked if I was okay. I told her that I was having a hard time with today, and that sometimes I feel like I’m better at working than being a Mom. She told me I’m good at both things, and that without me, my boys wouldn’t have their big, fun personalities that they have. She said other kind things that I needed to hear about Simon asking for me more, and being more affectionate with me. And she’s right. I think I just needed someone else to point it out to me. I’m one seriously lucky mama.

My favorite parts from the day:

– This morning at Sunday School, I was asking a little girl if she made her mom a Mother’s Day gift. She told me, “Yep, I made her a Christmas tree! …I’m wearing undies”.

– When we were out at my parents’ house, Simon had gone outside with the rest of the kiddos without asking Dave or I if he could go outside. I came out and sternly told him to, “Come here”. He came over to me and I told him that he had made a naughty choice, and that he needs to ask Mom or Dad to go outside. Dave told me that he came in the house, walked over to him with his shoulders down and a dejected look on his face. Dave asked him what was wrong. Simon answered, “Mommy say ‘irduwah'”. (irduwah = ‘come here’ in Korean). I love that he translated what I had said into Korean and told Dave! He proceeded to try and convince all of the adults in the room that they should take him outside.

– At the dinner table, Ezekiel asked if “we could all please sing Happy Mother’s Day like Happy Birthday”. And then at bedtime, he prayed the longest prayer ever (to try and get out of bedtime), and thanked God for his whole family (grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins included), his teacher Mrs W and each of her children, the orphanage where he lived, Simon and his ‘ha mae nah’ (foster mom), “that we can adopt people”, that Moms smile on Mother’s Day, that Jesus give us all the holidays, that Christmas will be here sometime, and that Jesus made all of us.

Those boys make me smile. I love being their mama. Even on the hard days, when my mind gets the best of me. They help me take myself less seriously, and put a smile in my heart.

My encouraging mama, and awesome little men. I feel loved.

My encouraging mama, and awesome little men. I feel loved.


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