Last night, while getting ready for bath time, Ezekiel had a nervous look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and the following conversation ensued:

Eze: Something happened on the bus today.
Me: Do you want to tell us about it?
Eze: No. (Pause). Yes. Some kids were saying bad words on the bus.
Me: Were they kindergarteners? Or older kids?
Eze: I don’t know who it was. I could only hear them behind me. They said the S word and another S word.
Me: Oh, okay. Do you want to tell me what the words were?
Eze: No. (Pause). Yes. They said stupid and sexy. (He whispered the second S word).
Me: Oh my. That’s too bad, buddy.
Eze: And Mom, they said another bad word. The H word.
Me: (thinking it would be h-e-double hockey sticks).
Eze: Hate. They were saying it to other KIDS!
Me: I’m really glad you told me about that buddy. It’s sad when other kids say unkind things. I’m really glad that you know which words our family does and doesn’t use.

Oh how I love this boy and his sweet innocence.


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