Tonight on the way home from family supper, while in the car, Ezekiel randomly started a deep conversation about missing the Philippines and his birth mom. It lasted all of one minute, and then he was off onto the next subject. But one of my favorite parts of the conversation with Eze was this:

Me: Eze, has anyone ever asked you who your real mom is?
Eze: (making a funny face) Nope.
Me: People might ask you that. Who is your real mom?
Eze: You, you silly mom!
Me: You’re right! Who else is your real mom?
Eze: You?
Me: Nope, your birth mom! You have two real moms!
Eze: Tucker, at school? He has 3 real moms, no 10 real moms at his house!!!!! Maybe 100 real moms!!?!?!??!!


My favorite part of Eze’s conversation with Simon was this:

Eze: Simon, what’s your mommy’s name?
Simon: (pointing at me and giggling) Mommy!!!!!!
Eze: No, what is your mommy’s name in Korea?
Simon: Ha Mae Nah! (his foster mom)

I love that Simon understands in his own two-year old way that he has Moms around the world who love him.

Someone got ahold of his cousin's lipstick.

Someone got ahold of his cousin’s lipstick.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sion
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 23:12:58

    I hope he never forget foster mom.. 😦


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