Family Vacay

Tomorrow we embark on our first family vacation. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. The past three weeks at work have kicked my tail, and I’m in need of some time away. The 4 of us are in need of some quality time together. And that we’ll get in spades – 15+ hours in a car over the course of 5 days.

Tomorrow when I get home from work, we’ll head down to stay in a hotel south of Des Moines. Get some din din, and some swimming time in, and then off to bed. Bright and not-so-early Friday morning, we’ll head down to Kansas City and meet up with my Ali and her family at Legoland!!!!! We are all excited for that part of our trip. From there, we’ll caravan to their house in central Missouri and stay there for a couple of nights. Then, we’ll head back home and get back into the groove of life next week.

I have missed my Ali like crazy. We have high hopes of jam packing hundreds and thousands of words and catching up during our couple of days together. Our phone conversations inevitably get interrupted by wee ones, so to be able to talk face to face will be a huge treat. We’re pretty good at ultra-analyzing most things in life. It’s a skill.

Happy trails!!


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