The Next Day

Ow. The doctor was right on the money when he told me I’d be more sore the day after my accident. Even with good pain meds, I’m feeling stiff and sore. I can’t imagine what I’d be feeling like without medication. Dave kept reminding me all day to relax. It’s really hard when the boys are struggling, they don’t completely understand why I’m stiff and sore. They act out more, whine more, fight more. Thankfully we live close to my parents, so relied on their help today since we had a lot to take care of.

We hadn’t heard back from our insurance, and need a rental until we know what is happening with my car, so Dave made a call to the 24/7 phone number today. They hadn’t started processing yet, which was frustrating, but this helped get the ball rolling. They took my statement and told me they’d contact the other driver. If our stories matched up, they’d be able to quickly determine who was liable for the accident. Within an hour I had a call back from them, and they determined the other driver was 100% at fault and all of my costs would be covered by her policy. I said a prayer of thanks for that.

We then had to line up a rental car, and head down to pick it up from a larger town about 20 minutes away from us. On the way there, we were pulled over because the van we had borrowed had expired tabs. *sigh* We made it to the rental center 5 minutes before they closed, and they got us into a car, and explained everything to us. We picked up a quick lunch, and then drove around a few car lots just in case they determine that our car is totaled. When that was done, Dave drove me back to my parents’ house, then all the way up to the tow lot where our car is parked to clear everything out, as requested by our insurance company.

It’s so hard not knowing what the outcome is going to be, and to know what exactly we should buy for our next car. A commuter car that gets good gas mileage? Or a family car that will fit all of us, including Gus the Dog? We keep going back and forth on it. I’m trying not to think too hard about it until we know more. For tonight, I’m hoping I can sleep better and quit dreaming about the accident. And wake up tomorrow feeling a little more normal.


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