Ouchie Car

This morning, I headed out super early to get to work. It had snowed last night, and I needed to be to work early for a training I was helping conduct. I took it slow and careful, and let Dave know when I’d made it halfway (I have about a 45 minute commute). About ten minutes away from work, I was driving along one of the county roads out in the country, through a tiny town with 4 houses. I saw a car that seemed to be turning around on a crossroad, when suddenly I saw it start to pull out to cross back over the county road on which I was driving. I was close enough that I knew if she didn’t stop quickly, I’d hit her, so I laid on my horn. I saw her look my way in astonishment a second before I hit her car on the driver’s side. She hadn’t even looked before she pulled out. Even if the roads had been clear and dry, there was no way I could have avoided hitting her. Thankfully, with my Subaru I didn’t slide around at all, and was able to avoid hitting her directly where she was sitting, and instead hit more toward the front of her car. I was surprised at just how loud it was when our cars collided.

Neither of us was hurt seriously, just very shook up and sore from being bumped around. She felt so awful and embarrassed that the accident had happened because she hadn’t looked both ways before driving across the road. I called 911 and a very kind sheriff came to take our reports and call tow trucks in for us. Neither of us had been in an accident before, so he thoroughly explained the process to us. I was nervous, and he had a very calming effect on me. Also, it turned out he used to lived just half a block away from the house my family lived in when I was in first grade.

I called Dave while I was waiting for the sheriff to arrive, and felt so bad to tell him I’d been in an accident. I had never been in a car accident where I’d been driving. I made it 16 years! He always worries about me with my commute. He told me he’d arrange for my mom or sister to watch the boys and come get me right away. I was so glad that our school had a two-hour late start due to the weather. Dave got to the tow lot, and checked out the car before we headed out. While he was there, an insurance guy for a different agency came over to chat with him. He asked him a couple of questions about the car and told him his opinion was that our agency would declare the car “totaled”. We haven’t heard back from our agency yet, but I’ll be so sad if it is totaled. I absolutely love my Subaru.

I held it together until I got in the van with Dave. Then I lost it a little bit, and cried into his shoulder for a while, letting out all that fear. As we drove home, I called my parents, as well as our insurance agent. Being in an accident is exhausting work – so many things you need to do! Adrenaline is kind of a funny thing – right after the accident, I thought to myself “I could totally still go to work today. I’m fine. I just need a ride”. And then as it started to wear off, my mouth got super dry, I felt completely exhausted, and then I started noticing that my hand got burned and bruised from the airbag (along with my coat and glove), and my neck hurt like the dickens. I am thankful that Dave insisted I not work today, because by the time we got home I was one hurtin’ unit. I cried again when I saw my mom. I don’t know what it is about seeing my mom after something traumatic happens, but I fall apart a little, and just need a good long hug from her.

I went to the doctor after I got home, and he prescribed some pain meds and rest for me. He told me I’ll be hurting even worse tomorrow and Sunday. Yikes. I can’t even imagine, I can barely move my head tonight without shooting pain running down my neck. Even after taking pain meds.

Poor Simon was really thrown for a loop today, and we could tell he was struggling to maintain some control over his little world. My mom said the boys were being pretty crazy while Dave was heading up to get me (she stayed at our house with them), I think they both knew something was going on because they never get to see Nana first thing in the morning without us talking about it the night before. Simon was very concerned about my “ouchie car”. And wondering where Mommy’s car went. We did our best to reassure him everything was okay. I’m SO glad the boys weren’t in the car with me. And I’m beyond grateful that I get to still be here to hug my kids and kiss my husband; there are no words to describe it. Maybe it sounds melodramatic, but moments like this make me feel incredibly grateful for all that I have in my life.

Sad Subaru

Sad Subaru


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vonda
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 21:16:21

    I am glad you are relatively ok! Take care of yourself and enjoy the sweetness from your family.


  2. GALE RIBAR Owner
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 22:33:45

    Hi Rachel, Jeanne and I are just so relieved that YOU are OK. Cars can be replaced, you can’t. We said a prayer of Thanksgiving that God protected you today. Love you.


  3. Katie
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 01:19:28

    Oh sweet Rachel, I am so thankful you are ok. I’ll be praying that you heal quickly and all the insurance/car details are resolved quickly.


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