I had a cruddy day today. Poor Eze had an even cruddier day – the doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia. I wrote, and then discarded a “woe is me” post, and decided to blog about the boys. Because who really wants to read about misery? Funny kid quotes are way better.

Tonight, we pulled the pillow out that had been propping Simon’s head higher in his crib while he was sick. He’s finally feeling 100% better! He loves to play with his pillows instead of sleeping on them, so we had put one under his mattress to prop it up, and he just used a little pillow to sleep on. When I went to go lay him down, I said, “See Simon? You have two pillows. One pillow, two pillow”. Dave told me that when he went over to kiss Simon good night, Simon whispered, “Daddy, pee-oh! Two pee-oh!!” with a huge grin on his face.

Last weekend, my parents were in Arizona celebrating my grandpa’s 90th birthday. I was about to call my mom so that we could Face.Time with them, and Ezekiel suddenly asked, “Which mom are you calling?” I answered, “Um, my mom. My birth mom :)”. He answered, “Oh, your trophy mom?” My mom got a good laugh out of being a ‘trophy mom’.

Later that same evening, we were talking about our cousin Kel, and that there’d been a break-in at her apartment and some things had been taken. Niece G kept asking, “What did they take? Mom? Mom, what did they take?” Suddenly I heard Ezekiel answer, “A long time”.

The boys have gotten to the point in their lives together where things have to be “fair”, and they are constantly asking for what the other person has. Ezekiel uses his words to ask for what Simon has. Simon says, “Copy? Baby copy?” I love that he already gets that younger siblings’ jobs are to copy their older siblings. And that he calls himself “Baby”.

Simon is a serious creature of habit. He LOVES when we do things the same way each time. At meal times, we usually say a prayer of thanks before we eat our food. Simon NEVER lets us forget it. As soon as he sits down at the table (even if no one else is at the table), he’ll hold his hands up to his forehead, palms out and ask, “Pay? Pay? Pay? Pay? Pay?” Until someone says, “Okay, let’s pray!” And lately he’s wanted to pray, so he repeats after us, “Dee Joosus. Ankoo food. Famee. Amett”. (Dear Jesus, thank you for the food. And for our family. Amen).

Tonight, I bumped a picture frame off the wall on accident. Ezekiel ran as fast as he could over to Dave exclaiming, “Dad!!!! Mom broke something! She did! She broke it!!!” And Simon followed close behind him yelling, “Mommy uh oh! Mommy uh oh!!!!!”


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