I woke up this morning feeling a ton better, and by the looks on everyone else’s faces all of my guys are feeling better too. Thank goodness for a couple of days of anti- and pro-biotics for the two super sickies, and a good day of rest for the other two of us. This morning is filled with some {super fun} cleaning so we can have some for real super fun with our friendy poos tonight. This morning, Dave taught Ezekiel how to load a dishwasher. Big smiley face here.

Ezekiel thinks it’s pretty unfair that two-year olds don’t have “tough” chores to do like putting their own clothes away, feeding the dog, and now helping with dishes. We just continue to remind him that when he was two, he didn’t have to do chores either. He just keeps saying, “so you promise when Simon’s 5, he’ll have to do chores too?” Ah, the justice system between siblings. I remember it well from my own growing up days.



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