Eze Mr Smarty Pants

Ezekiel is learning how to read and write in kindergarten. I’ve been floored at how quickly he’s picked it all up. He has fallen into a good routine at school, and is eager to learn new things every day. I love the random times that he’ll tell us how to spell something, or will read a word that I totally didn’t think he knew how to read. One day, he exclaimed, “Mom!!! I learned how to read the word ‘belly’!” I came over to look at the book he was reading, and the word was actually “blue”. I was so proud of him for sounding it out.

A couple of weeks ago, he won a game of bingo at school. He came home and showed us the prize he had picked out. It was a spiral bound notebook. He immediately began filling it with sentences like, “I see dad. See my man. I like my mom. I love Mrs Wenner”. Last week, he and I were eating breakfast together before school one day and he was looking at his notebook. Suddenly he looked at me and smiled really big and said excitedly, “Mom, guess what?! This book has SEVENTY pages that I get to write on!!!!! Some day I’m going to have a notebook with ONE HUNDRED pages in it!” Oh how I adore this boy’s enthusiasm for life. Have I mentioned he’s obsessed with Psy and the Gangnam Style song?

"Psy is great. Psy sings 'Woop 'Em Gangnam Style'. Psy loves 'Woop 'Em Gangnam Style'. Psy really loves Woop 'Em Gangnam Style'. Psy comes from Korea".

“Psy is great. Psy sings ‘Woop ‘Em Gangnam Style’. Psy loves ‘Woop ‘Em Gangnam Style’. Psy really loves Woop ‘Em Gangnam Style’. Psy comes from Korea”.


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