Pack vs. Vikes

Since Dave and I met, we’ve always teased each other about the (American) football teams the other is a fan of. Dave loves/hates the Vikings. I love (and always love) the Packers. We never spoke out loud about how we’d raise our kids. I think we both just assumed that the other would cave and begin to love the other person’s team. Not so. Our boys didn’t get their stubborn personalities from us – we still both have all of the stubborn we were born with.

I lost Eze a few years ago to Dave and his Vikings. Every once in a while he’ll debate becoming a Packer fan, but it never happens. Dave has some magic spell over him. So I (and my brother) have high hopes for Simon. I bought a shirt for him the other day in hopes that would be what starts a lifetime of love for the green and gold.


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