Matching Time!

Last night, I went shopping and got sidetracked by some adorable pajamas in the store. I couldn’t NOT get the boys some matching jammies. And maybe some chocolate truffles that are only there at Christmastime. Oh and some egg rolls. I didn’t even shop hungry! Anyway. We put them in their new duds for bedtime and my heart melted a little with the cuteness of it all.

Simon guy has not been sleeping well again. I think those molars are attempting yet again to pop through. This morning, he woke up at 5:45. I needed to get up for work anyway, so I went in and held him for a while. He fell back to sleep in my arms and I just stood there breathing in the beauty of that moment. I decided to make it a no-shower-ponytail day so that I could enjoy that peace a little longer. Once he woke back up, Eze got up too and the three of us started getting ready so Dave could keep sleeping. At one point, I sat down on the floor with Simon in my lap. Suddenly Eze clambered onto my other leg and both boys were there on my lap. Not fighting. Holy cats, those boys certainly know how to fill me up 🙂





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