When Ezekiel was a toddler, I did a great job recording his words on the blog. I loved his toddler language and called it Ezekielese. As the second child, inevitably there are things that Simon won’t have recorded. (Yikes, what if we have more kids after this?! They’ll have a birth certificate and school pictures to record their lives, I guess. Just kidding… Kind of.). Here’s my effort to track some of what the little mister says to us:

Ettie: Eze (It is hilarious when he puts his tiny pointer finger up and scolds, “Ettie, NO!” Most of the time it’s funny).

Memmay: Mommy (or “I want that”, or “Daddy”, or Hey, what about me?” Memmay seems to be more than just Mommy).

Appa: Daddy (he is also starting to use “Daddy” more since that’s what Ezekiel calls Dave).

Gutty: Gus. The best dog in the whole world. Poor guy now has two boys jumping and tugging on him. And Simon loves trying to get him to drop whatever he’s chewing on so he can throw it for him. Simon also yells, “Guttie, NO!” a lot, I wonder where he hears that?!

Kahkah: Snack, most often cracker. This is also the Korean pronunciation for snack.

Oo-Yoo: Drink. The Korean word for milk is oo-yoo.

Gookoo: Television. Or turning lights on.

Teetee: Socks or shoes

Teetee go: Put shoes on and go outside. (If any of us say “Tee tee go”, Simon jumps up and down in excitement. He LOVES to go outside).

Cah: Car. This boys LOVES cars.

Nigh nigh: Sleepy time!

Bootee: His favorite book, “Goodnight Moon”.

Up up up: Up the stairs, or pick me up.

All done, More, Please, Thank you: He knows the sign language for each of these, and also says them now too. Well for thank you, it’s more like “Ah you” and he does the sign for it at the same time.

He can name many of his body parts now, too. I keep forgetting to work on that one with him. Poor baby still has a cold, so he’s learning nose very quickly, since we’re constantly wiping his tiny runny nose.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 12:28:56

    Aww Good to hear that! It sounds he is getting used to English! And sorry for the poor dog 😛 haha.
    Hope you and all your family have a happy ThanksGiving there! Bless you! 🙂


  2. Sion
    Nov 22, 2012 @ 00:39:52

    I’ve read your blog and it’s very Happpy!
    Finally, He can speak english but I wish He would not forget some korean word like a Appa, Halme .
    Always Bless you!


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