Parent Fail

This morning, I took out two pieces of bread and the jar of peanut butter and the jar of jelly to start making Ezekiel’s lunch for school. I got distracted by something, and went to go help the boys get ready for their mornings. I came back to the kitchen and Dave had packed up Ezekiel’s lunch. Great! Fast forward to the end of the day, and Ezekiel got home from school announcing, “I’m SO hungry, Daddy There was no jelly in my sandwich”. Dave looked into Ezekiel’s lunch box and exclaimed, “Ezekiel! You didn’t eat any of your sandwich!! Why?” He pulled it out of the sandwich container and that’s when he realized it was only two pieces of bread. No peanut butter nor jelly in his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The “sandwich” he thought I’d “made” felt light when he packed it up this morning.

On a successful note, we had Ezekiel’s parent-teacher conference tonight. His Kindergarten teacher tells us he’s the life of the party and she loves having him in her class. He is learning quickly what is expected of him throughout his school days. She told us this story that had me laughing pretty hard (mostly because we hear all the time how much he loves Mrs W):

Mrs W: Maybe I’ll have to use some tough love!
Eze: What’s tough love?
Mrs W: Well…
Eze: Does tough love mean you’re going to marry me?
Mrs W: Um, no.
Eze: Does it mean you’re going to kiss me?
Mrs W: No. It’s like when you sit at my teacher chair and start digging in my drawers and then I tell you that you have to go sit in your spot.
Eze: Oh. I don’t like tough love.

Poor Mr Simon has come down with more runny nose/fever junk. Poor baby. He was very sleepy today, and at one point, Dave peeked in on him and he was laying down with his head on the floor playing with his blocks. He fell asleep for an early nap very quickly after that. He hasn’t wanted to eat much, either. So pretty much we just hold him and snuggle him as much as we can in hopes that we can love his icky feelings away.

Today I was writing with a friend who is expecting her second child a few weeks from now. She’s very nervous about adding another baby to the mix, and asked me how much harder it was to have two kids now. I told her that while, yes, it’s harder to have two kids instead of one, it’s so much more wonderful than I had imagined it to be. Sure there are the days that they freak out and need both of us at the same time. But to watch my two sons play together, and to watch Simon look up to Ezekiel the same way I look up to my big brother, it makes my heart swell even bigger than I could have imagined. And better than an Ezekiel belly laugh, is Ezekiel + Simon belly laughing trying to crack each other up.


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  1. Vonda
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 22:13:06

    Love it all! You need to watch that Don Juan of a boy! We just found out tonight that Brennen has a killer wink!


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