Poor baby Simon came down with a fever of 102.5 tonight. I think it’s a mix of teeth (mean old molars!), and the remains of the cold Eze shared with all of us. He didn’t want to eat much tonight, and went down with barely a complaint for bed tonight. I know something’s off when I don’t even get kicked when it’s time to put on pajamas!

Earlier this evening, Simon was sitting on Dave’s lap saying all of our names “Appa” (Daddy), “Memmay” (Mommy), “Ettie” (Eze), “Gutty” (Gus). I’ve never been able to get him to say the names of his foster family in Korea, but decided to try it again tonight while he was on a roll of saying our names. Sure enough, we turned to a picture of his foster mother and he squealed, “Hal-mae-nah!!!” We were overjoyed to hear him say her name, and he just grinned each time we said her name back to him. Then he started giving her pictures kisses. It was so adorable. We got it on video, and here it is below…


Edited to add: Simon’s fever went up to 104.0. These are the nights that I wish I could just ring Simon’s foster mama up on the phone and ask her the best way to comfort and calm Simon when he feels so uncomfortable.


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  1. Shine Suh
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 06:37:05

    I think he is saying “Hal-muh-ni”. And it means grandma in korean…. Btw i just saw a status that one of friends posted on facebook about simon and his foster mother. So i just wanna visit this blog and leave some words for simon… Simon… God be with you and dont forget you are the blessed one..


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