Winners x 2

Today, I worked from home in the morning so I could go with Dave and Simon for Simon’s 2-year check up/first well baby check after his adoption. Remembering how awful Ezekiel’s first appointment was when we brought him home, and knowing that Simon has some potentially tough stuff in his health history, I went in with a little anxiety about what we would hear. Turns out there was nothing to worry about. Simon is 100% healthy, and 100% amazing with doctors and shots. Dave and I commented that we feel like we’ve won the lottery with both of our boys. With adoption there are so many unknowns. And we know there are still unknowns in our future, but our pediatrician was so reassuring, he calmed many of my anxieties. Plus, he’s pretty enamored with both of our boys; I can’t say enough good things about our pediatrician.

Size-wise, Simon has the potential to catch up to his brother someday. It’s not like he’s off the charts in growth or anything, but he’s at least ON the U.S. growth charts. He weighs 23.8 lbs, and is 33 inches tall today. He was so charming and compliant for the doctor today. As long as he had crackers to munch on. He may or may not have eaten half a container of sweet potato tortilla chips throughout the duration of his appointment today. During the shots, he laid still and calmly until those mean old immunization needles went in his chubby baby thighs. He cried and cried when they were done, and buried his head into my shoulder. The doctor came back in to give us back some paperwork we’d brought in, and found a sucker for Simon. He calmed down after getting some sugar in his mouth, and then gave the doctor a sweet smile. Our doctor said, “That’s my favorite way to end an appointment – with a big smile!”

Eze still takes forever to calm down after getting shots. I remember when he had to get blood drawn at the U of MN Adoption Clinic when we first came home. The ladies assured us they dealt with crying kids every day. By the end of that wrestling match, even they commented that Ezekiel was probably the loudest and most physical crier that they’d seen in their lab.


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