Meant To Be?

I typically get pretty skeptical when things in life feel like they’re going smoothly. When something feels like it’s meant to be. I wait for the other shoe to drop. For life to get hard again. Right now, life feels good, and I’m trying to accept the good for what it is, without fear of what the future holds. Today I had my first day at my new job. I know first days are typically the easy peasy day, with the real hard work coming down the line. But it felt so GOOD to be there today. So right. And the way I got this job was serendipitous.

On the Monday before we left for Korea, I was working away on getting how-to guides put together for my colleagues to use while I was out on maternity leave. My office phone rang, and it was a call coming in from the front desk. I never received outside calls when I worked there, so I assumed it was a wrong number or a solicitor. I answered the phone, and heard a man say, “You don’t know me, but I’m a recruiter for _____. I saw your profile on Linked.In through (my real-life friend) LB’s profile, and thought that your background in Kron.os, project management and hospital healthcare would be a perfect fit for a role I am trying to help fill at the hospital in Wac-town”. The same town Dave and I had lived in for six years, where we still have a rental, where many of our friends still live. We moved away from there just over two years ago.

I was about to tell him “thanks, but no thanks, I’m not looking for another job where I have to commute. I want a job in the town where I live” (I’ve never ever ever had a job in the same town where I lived), but something told me to give it a chance. I agreed to send him my resume (he was the go-between since he worked as a recruiter), which he then passed along to the hiring manager. They were impressed with what they saw and asked for an interview. I asked him to be completely honest with them and tell them I’d be in Korea the whole next week, and then planned to be out on maternity leave after that. They wanted to see me before I left for Korea.

On that Friday, I hugged my co-workers good-bye and left work to go meet the recruiter for coffee before I headed over for my interview. As I walked to my car, I wondered to myself if I’d be back in 8 weeks after my maternity leave, or if that was my last day of working at North.

The interview went well. Things seemed to click, and there were lots of smiles around the table. I felt good about it, but still was unsure about what they thought about me. Before I even got home from the interview, the recruiter was calling to tell me, “Great news! They LOVED you”. There were still e-mails that needed to be passed back and forth, and that happened while I was half a world away. Surreal. I got back, finished the pre-employment requirements and was officially offered the job. They even agreed to allow some flexibility for the first few weeks, since I’d planned to take an eight-week maternity leave with North.

I can’t help but think… if the recruiter had waited one more week to call the main number at North on a search for me, he wouldn’t have reached me, I’d have been on maternity leave already. If I wasn’t friends with LB (who also happens to be an adoptive mama with two Korean cuties – that is how we are connected and friends in real life, and on Linked.In). If if if… There are so many things that happened in my life years before this job interview that made it all fall into place. So tonight I choose to be thankful as I smile at the way God shows Himself in those quiet, powerful ways in my life.


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