My Loves

Dad and his boys.

Simon kept getting really close to Ezekiel’s face and whisper-babbling to him in Korean, then giggling. Oh my adorable.

After a couple of rough days to start off the weekend, the past two days have been really nice. Ezekiel had a short day Wednesday, then off Thursday and Friday (just like all kiddos in Minnesota). Yesterday, and especially today, we’ve really seen a happier and funnier side to Simon. It’s pretty awesome, seeing just how he fits perfectly as the 4th member of our family. We have two tiny comedians on our hands, at times. I’ve started reading “Siblings Without Rivalry” 🙂

Simon is still an all-time greatest fan of “Appa” (Daddy). While at times I wish it was me, I’m beyond glad that he loves his daddy so much. I start my new job tomorrow, and feel completely at peace knowing that Simon will be content being home with Dave. I am so excited about this new opportunity. I keep waiting for my heart to start pounding, to feel like maybe I made a mistake changing jobs, but I just keep feeling calm and happy. We’ll see what happens once the job actually starts, I guess! I think it helps that I’ve already been working in hospital healthcare for a year, and the place I’m working is in the small town where Dave and I lived for 6 years. I’m hoping I can get a good night of sleep tonight, despite this big change on the horizon.


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