The Apple Thief

Since we brought Simon home, I’ve been spending nights and naptimes resting in bed while Simon falls asleep on his little crib mattress in the corner of our room. Once he’s asleep, I usually get up and attempt to get something done around the house. Tonight, after about an hour of laying there, I decided to try and sit in the living room just outside of our bedroom. He was still awake and whimpered a little, but then got quiet. I got a couple of things done that I needed to do, checked on Eze and decided to go back in and lay down because I could tell Simon still wasn’t asleep. I came in the room and he was sitting up on his mattress, I could see his outline in the dark. I told him to lay down and go nigh nigh. He laid down in his spot and I laid on my bed (I hide under the covers and read. I feel like I’m 10 again, trying to read books after bedtime without my parents catching me (I was am a total geek)).

A few minutes later, I could still hear him rustling around, and heard sounds like he was sucking his finger or something. I finally decided to use the flashlight function on my phone, and shined it over toward where he was laying. He was holding an apple in his hand! I asked him to hand me the apple and he just stared at the light, sleepily. I finally pried the apple out of his hand, which he had partially eaten, and then he started crying. He calmed down after a few minutes and fell asleep.

My sister texted me after I wrote her about what happened and she asked if he had sneaked the apple to bed in his diaper.

The little stinker bottom, sleeping.


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