Today, my baby turned two! It was a pretty rough day. Simon seems to have gotten the memo on how two-year olds are supposed to act. He met more of his aunties, uncles and cousins today, and was not loving life today. By the evening, though, when it was just the four of us again, we got more of his “face split in two” smiles and laughs. He absolutely loved us singing “Happy Birthday” to him, and blowing out the candles on his cake. I said a couple of prayers for his birth family and foster family today, as we know that they are thinking of him a lot today too. And as I’m typing this out, I’m looking at a gift we had put up for him to open from his foster mom on his birthday. Still wrapped. Oopsie. We’ll celebrate belatedly tomorrow, I guess!

Today, Ezekiel did an okay job, but has been struggling with this whole “sibling thing”. Poor guy. I’m trying to remember to give him lots of grace, as it’s a whole new way of life for all of us. At one point, while playing with Dave’s niece, Ezekiel came over to me and said, “Mom, I really wish that you had adopted Simon first, and me second”. I told him that I am so glad that he was my first baby, but he told me again that he wished he had been adopted second. I’m so glad he can use his words to tell us how he is feeling sometimes. He did help buy his brother a birthday present, and was very excited to help him open it 🙂


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