Our family of 4!

We are so happy to be home and settling into life as a family of 4!

After we got Simon, he gave us about a 2-hour honeymoon period. Then came the temper, and the grieving and the saddest cries that could come out of a tiny little body. I slept with him while we were on our trip. First on the couch cushions that we laid on the floor in the living room of our hotel room, then later on the bed. He slept pretty well, every once in a while touching me to make sure I was still there. The first night, he sat up and stared at me for about 5 minutes. It was kinda creepy 🙂 During nap time, we had put up the Do Not Disturb sign, so housekeeping *kindly* called us to see if we really meant for them to not disturb us. Simon woke up screaming when the phone rang. Grr.

We met up with my dad’s cousin and his wife one more time the day before we flew out so that they could meet Simon. They got us some lunch, and we enjoyed spending some more time chatting with them before it was time to head out. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful their advice was for us. I said a prayer of thanks for them this morning

Our flight home was loooooooong. Even without a kid, it’s not fun to fly for that long. With a toddler, it’s even less fun. Thankfully the flight attendants on Korean Air are just about the most gracious and friendly crew you could have. They didn’t mind Simon running up and down the aisles for an hour at a time. They smiled and clicked their tongues at Simon to try and get him to calm down during his (multiple) screaming fits. They laughed and invited him back when he ran into their break room where they were eating their meals. We were supposed to have bulkhead seating with a bassinette. Instead, we were seated in the window and middle seat with an older gentleman on the aisle seat. Poor guy had to keep getting up for us. He was incredibly kind though, and kept assuring us that it was okay every time we apologized. The crew gave him a pair of ear plugs and an eye mask. I think that helped!

We landed in DFW for our layover. We were supposed to have a 4-hour layover, but that got taken down to 3 hours when our flight took longer than anticipated and landed an hour late. We queued up in line for immigration and customs, and waited patiently. Simon did really well waiting in the Ergo on my back. Another little boy, who’s parents looked like they had just about had it, got away from them and ran through the customs line, and got all the way through almost to the baggage claim. The poor parents got a very stern lecture from one of the officials in front of all of us.

We got up to the official, and he did what he needed to do for Dave and me. When he got to Simon’s paperwork, I was expecting him to just stamp his passport and welcome us back to the US (like what happened with Eze when we flew into MSP from the Philippines). Instead, he brought us to a small room where there was a line up of people waiting. We sat in the little play area and waited. And waited. And waited. At one point, we asked how much longer we’d be waiting, as we had a flight to catch. They told us if we missed our flight, we’d just be put on the next one out. *Super helpful* (** = sarcasm). We finally made it through with about a half hour until we needed to board. We ran as fast as we could to get our luggage, re-check it, ride the train to the correct terminal, get through security (where I got patted down each time, thanks to needing to carry a diaper bag with baby snacks and liquids in it for Simon), and get to our gate. I was starving, and thankfully we got there with 15 minutes to spare, so Dave grabbed some good old McD’s. Simon’s first taste of US french fries!

We got through the DFW to MSP flight with Simon finally falling asleep for the last half hour of the flight. As we de-planed and headed to the baggage claim, he didn’t wake up at all. Poor baby was so wiped out. I carried him, while Dave pushed all of our carry-on stuff in a push cart. I was sobbing the whole way there, so grateful to be back in Minnesota, and just moments away from seeing Ezekiel. Poor Dave was so excited he was practically running, but had to keep slowing down and waiting for me, I was having such a hard time breathing between carrying a sleeping Simon and crying my eyes out 🙂

We came down to the baggage area in an elevator, and I was so glad it was glassed-in. Seeing Ezekiel’s face when he finally saw us coming down the elevator was priceless. He was filled with even more joy and happiness than he normally is! Simon had a tough time waking up, but when he finally did, he was all grins for his big brother. He absolutely adores Ezekiel, and followed him around everywhere he went at the airport. Ezekiel then proceeded to talk non-stop the whole hour drive home.

We’ve had our tough times, some funny times, and some very beautiful times as we’ve begun to learn how to be a family of 4 this week. I feel like such a lucky mama to have two gorgeous and full-of-life little boys, and the best husband/ baby-daddy in the world.


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  1. Tiffany
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 19:12:03

    I was so moved to tears by your adoption journey, God bless you and your family as you continue more excellent adventures and journeys 🙂


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