The day finally came and we are holding Simon in our arms!!! He is SO smart, nothing gets past him and he has tons and tons of words to say. I just wish I understood any of them! And he is SO stubborn. It didn’t think it was possible for a kid to be more stubborn than Ezekiel, but this one could give his Gran Alice a run for her money. He is so handsome, and adorable. His laugh is incredible, we love the times we’ve heard it since we met him. OH! And he bows every time he meets someone new. It’s so so so stinkin’ adorable!

Our meeting wasn’t until 3 pm, Seoul time, so we had the morning to be nervous. We ate a good breakfast, and then wandered around the city for a little while. We walked over to the palace that we went to the other day, and on the way back we got to see the Changing of the Guard at another palace nearby. So cool. We also found some Nutella Belgian Waffles near that palace. Nom nom.

We headed back to the hotel around lunchtime and packed up our adoption day gifts we’d bought for Simon, and tidied up, knowing that when we came back, we’d have a curious toddler with us. Time moved like molasses, but finally it was time to leave for Holt. We took a cab and got there 30 minutes early. We sat and waited for DJ in a waiting room, and listened for every little peep, wondering if it was Simon we were hearing.

DJ, the social worker, came to get us, and we gave her our gifts. She was very gracious, and easy to talk to. She informed us before we walked in to meet Simon and his foster mom that this was foster mom’s last baby. She was retiring after Simon, so she was feeling very emotional. I started tearing up right then and there.

We walked into the room, and Simon gave us a big grin nearly right away. I walked over and gave the foster mom a hug, and sat on the floor to play with Simon. Dave took over asking questions while I played with Simon, and half-listened to the answers. I am so thankful Dave was writing everything down. The foster mom told us right in the beginning that she thought Dave was very handsome. Then she giggled and blushed. We all laughed and I told her that I think he’s handsome too!!

At one point, the foster mom said something, and then started singing “Gangnam Style” by Psy, and Simon broke out into dancing. I laughed so hard. He totally hams it up, and loves to get people going. Kinda like a big brother I know named Ezekiel! He knew something was up at the meeting, and would play with me some, but then push me away when I got too close. The foster mom would call him over, shower him with hugs and kisses while he pushed at her, and she would murmur words to him and cry. She tried so hard to keep it together, but it was just such an emotional day.

Once we were done asking our questions, we headed downstairs for Simon to have his last physical exam before we fly out. Down there, we met the foster mom’s son and her sister. Simon ran to them excitedly as soon as he saw them. It was beautiful to watch. The foster mom gave us back the hat we had sent over in a care package, and her son put it on Simon sideways. We could tell he must have worn that hat a lot; he knew exactly how he liked to wear it! And he wore it for the whole drive back to the hotel.

The foster mom tried, but just couldn’t walk us out to the taxi. She was sobbing by this time, and her sister was hugging her. It still makes me cry to remember that. Her son came running as we were getting on the elevator and handed us two bags we had forgotten. I told him thank you, and hope he understood that we were thanking him and his mom and their whole family for far more than just bringing us the bags. They did such a wonderful job loving our son while we were half a world away.

We got to the taxi, and DJ told us she would be praying for us. I assured her we would be praying for them and all of the babies too. We got in the cab and drove away to the hotel. I sang to Simon for a bit during the ride, and said the few Korean words I knew to tell him I loved him, and that he is a good boy, and that it would be ok. Every time he heard me speak a Korean word, he would make a small squeak, like, “Hmm?” It was really cute.

We pulled up at the hotel, and as we got out of the cab, another family who had adopted their kiddos a few years back were also pulling up to the hotel. They were so excited to see us, and I was excited to meet them, as Dave had met them earlier that morning. They snapped a few pictures of us, and gave us some advice. We spent the rest of the evening cocooned up in our hotel room.

For the most part, Simon really likes playing with us, and to make us laugh. There was a mix yesterday of some regular toddler tantrums, and also some deep grieving. He’s so smart; he knows his life is changing drastically. We got to Skype with Ezekiel right before bed last night, and Ezekiel’s face totally lit up when he saw Simon in my arms! By that time, Simon was exhausted and having none of our smiles and laughing. He was stoic and silent for the first part of our call, and then just started crying. I walked him around a little bit while Dave kept talking to Eze and my mom. Within a couple of minutes, Simon was asleep. We finished up our conversation with Eze, and then laid Simon down.

Poor baby does not like the jammies I brought. I thought I had brought 2 different sizes, but I only brought 3 pajamas all in the same size. His toes are a bit pinched, so today we’ll need to shop for some jams before we head out tomorrow! During the night, he woke up around 9:30, and cried hard for about a half hour when he saw us instead of foster mom. He fell back to sleep, and then around 4 am, he sat up and just stared at me for about 5 minutes. Then, suddenly his head drooped down, and he kind of tipped over J It is 7:45 am here, and he’s snoozing on my chest – I love having a snuggler!!! The foster mom said he’s a great sleeper. Hooray for that, and let’s hope he keeps that up!!!

The three of us!

Foster Mom giving Simon hugs and love.


Simon’s foster brother (the foster mom’s son) – Simon loved this guy!


My ham ball. And I don’t mean in size.

Surrounded by love

One last shot of the 4 of us

Dave and I with DJ the social worker – she is amazing!

The cab ride home. He did fall asleep for a couple of minutes.

A boy with his daddy


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Felicity
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 19:01:48

    Wow. You are having/had a MUCH better “day” than we did! We met Jae on a Thursday morning and he cried and cried then we weren’t allowed to see him again until we “got” him Monday afternoon, when he cried and cried! ;^)


  2. megh
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 23:20:47

    So amazing, I just read and cried! So sweet!


  3. renee
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 09:08:07

    You’re little Simon sounds just amazing!! I am still dying to see some of his dance moves. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for the foster mom but I am sure that she is happy that he is going to such a wonderful family with a great big brother. Simon has a great smile. I hope to see more of it in pictures to come!!! Enjoy your precious son!


  4. Vonda
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 07:31:19

    I am overwhelmed. I am so proud of you guys.

    The kids want to know when we get to come over. After I told her two weeks would not be enough time for you to settle in, Mikyla’s starting trying to nail me down to the month of November.

    We all love you!


  5. Alison
    Oct 18, 2012 @ 22:13:44



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