Boo, Jet Lag

Wow, I don’t think there are words to describe how much I dislike jet lag. I guess it’s a good way of getting prepared for the sleep deprivation that inevitably comes with adopting a kiddo. The first night, I slept fairly well. I think it helped that I had stayed awake the previous 24 hours or so. Last night was a different story. I fell asleep at 7:30 pm, woke up at 8:30 pm to Skype with Ezekiel, and then fell back to sleep until 1:30 am. Then I could NOT get back to sleep, no matter what I did. Finally around 6 am, I fell asleep for another 2 hours. Dave snoozed through the whole thing!

Yesterday, we went to Insadong with my dad’s cousin and his wife. They were amazing tour guides. We ate some really fun things, including a dessert which I can’t remember the name of. But essentially it had 15 different ingredients – ice shavings, kiwi, tomatoes (which are a fruit here!), peaches, gummy stuff (which of course I can’t remember the name of, either), red beans, bananas, cereal, ice cream, and a bunch of different kinds of nuts. I loved it!!!

We got lots of shopping done, and had taken the metro to get there from our hotel. On the way back, we realized none of us could remember the station door number we needed to go back out of. Seoul metro stations have 12 different doorways you can get out of. And some of them are REALLY spread out. We went out the wrong one, but recognized some of the landmarks. We wandered a ways before finally deciding to hail a cab to take us back to the hotel. Of course, he pretty much turned two corners and there we were! Last night, while we were walking to find supper, we found the exact place we had been standing trying to figure out where to go. It was only 2-3 blocks away from the back of the hotel. Now we know!

We were supposed to go on our Ongo Food Tour last night, and I’m sad to report that I was just too tuckered out to go. While I’m bummed we didn’t do that, we still feel like we really got some really great shopping, and food tour/cultural lessons with my cousins. Plus, we have our city tour tomorrow with our agency guide, and will likely eat some good food again tomorrow.

Today we met back up with my cousins mid-morning at Seoul Station, and went shopping at an outdoor air market. We found some really great stuff there, then ate lunch down in the basement of a department store where we tried even more new stuff! It was fun, but my body is telling me to find some vegetables for supper tonight. My dad’s cousin told me I sounded very Korean when I told him that 🙂

I’m thinking tonight calls for a glass of wine with supper, as well. Hopefully that will get my mind settled so I can rest easier when it comes to sleeping time! I just can’t stop thinking about meeting Simon, what life is going to be like after he is home, and a few other things that are happening in life. I wish my brain would listen when I tell it to stop worrying, everything will be fine!

Breakfast buffet! Our hotel has an awesome buffet every morning.


One of the larger market areas within Insadong

The yummy dessert that I can’t remember the name of!


Feeling completely tuckered out after a fun day of shopping. It called for a donut 🙂

Just for you, Dustin!

Skyping with our big boy and Nana! I like how our reflections are also in this picture.

Another market place we went to on Wednesday morning.

Krispy Kreme!!

Some dried pork my cousin bought us. He used to love this when they lived in Malaysia, and I can see, er, taste why. It was super yummy!

Johnny Rockets. They seriously have everything over here. It’s crazy.


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  1. GALE RIBAR Owner
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 09:51:51

    Good Morning Guys, Sounds like your jet lag is no fun! Especially with Dave snoring peacefully away. It also sounds like you are really enjoying your time in Korea. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, how nice to have even that little touch of home. It looks like we will not be able to greet you at the airport. As we told Dave, Mom’s working until closing that day. It is so hard to make schedule changes, especially on the weekends. Mom does have the following Tuesday off so we thought we would come and see you then. We can finalize the timing etc once you are back. Take care. We love and are praying for you. Today is Wednesday here, so we know that tomorrow is the biggest day when you actually get to meet Simon and hold him for the first time. We’ll be thinking of all of you. Love you. Mom and Dad


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