Prep Work

This weekend, we are getting everything ready to bring Simon home. I spent a little time packing, we all spent some time cleaning, I cut Mr Gus’s hair, Dave worked on the dresser we found for Simon’s room, I cooked and froze a huge batch of jook (Korean rice porridge), and then Dave spent time shaving off his beard. It makes me giggle every time he shaves his beard off. Remember the Mother’s Day Moustache he gifted me with? This time, I made a collage of each step. In the words of our friend Aaron, “his laugh ‘stache is my fave”. It makes me laugh to kiss him – I told him it feels a little bit like I’m kissing a ten-year old when I kiss him now.

The many faces of Baby Face Dave


Gus giving me the cold shoulder during his haircut today.

A bonus pic of Eze in his new boots… er, Bompa’s hunting boots.



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  1. Sisser
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 01:18:11

    That last pic looks like it was altered in Photoshop. Amazingly enough, it is more awkward than Dave’s creepy mustaches. 😉


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