So Close I Can Almost Taste Those Butterflies In My Stomach

Today brought about all kinds of good news for different families waiting to bring their children home from Korea. Nearly everyone from the batch before us has received their travel calls. I think there are just a couple of families ahead of us now. Plus, one family that I know from our batch received their travel call today! That means ours could come any day (or could still be weeks out – who knows in this crazy world of adoption!?).

Over the weekend, besides celebrating our decade of love, we worked diligently on the house. Picking up a few more things that we needed for Simon’s room (including a steal of a deal on a dresser at a garage sale!), cleaning like maniacs, and getting some relaxing time in as well.

I finally had time to sit and look through our budget from turning over our rental for our new tenant. It’s not pretty. We had to dip into the money we’d saved up for our adoption to cover some of the repairs we needed to make. And we don’t anticipate that we’ll see a penny of what is owed by our previous tenants. Please be praying that we are able to come up with the funds we need to cover both the travel and the 8 weeks I am taking off once we get that travel call and go get Simon.

I’ve been feeling so anxious about all of this. I seem to forget that we’ve always been able to make life work. No matter what. God always provides for us. I feel like I should write this out on sticky notes and place them all over my home, car, and work to remind me of this.

At one point yesterday, I was in Simon’s room packing his suitcase. Ezekiel came in and was playing with all of his old toys, and some new toys we’ve received for Simon. He was playing with a squishy ball that plays music. He was singing along with the songs, and knew each of them word for word (I’d never heard them before). I asked him how in the world he knew those songs so well, and he answered, “Mom. It’s my baby brother’s ball”. Like I was the densest person in the world for not realizing that.


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