Decade of Love

(said in your best Barry White voice)

Today, Dave and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss. He’s taking me to Korea in 2-4 weeks for a little belated anniversary gift. Er. Well, maybe for other reasons too.

This morning we all got up to get ready for our day, and Dave said, “Ezekiel, do you know what today is?” Ezekiel replied, “No” (in a grumpy voice – he did NOT want to wake up this morning). Dave told him, “It’s Mommy’s and my anniversary today!” (silence from our 5-turned-15-year-old) “That’s kind of like our wedding birthday. Our wedding was 10 years ago today!” Ezekiel thought for a second. Then in a whiny voice he said, “But I want it to be MY birthday”.

Ezekiel had a couple of rough moments on Wed and Thur with having hitting hands. His teacher had written me an e-mail, and also sent a note home in Eze’s backpack. Then he had a huge meltdown when Dave picked him up from the after-school care yesterday. We talked a bit about it when I got home from work. About how it makes Teacher, Mom, and Dad sad when his hands hit, and that we loved him.

Today Dave and I took the opportunity to have a nice anniversary lunch together. We had just gotten done talking about Ezekiel’s behavior, and hoping his Friday was going better when I glanced down at my phone and saw I’d gotten an e-mail from his teacher. The subject line was, “Having a GREAT Day!”, and said this:

Hi There!

I just wanted to let you know that we are having a great day at school!  Ezekiel is being very conscious of his hands when he is in line.  He is trying very hard to make us all happy!  He is very excited to sleep at Nana’s house because “My mom and Dad are going to get married in 10 weeks”!  I translated that to it being your 10 year anniversary?!  If so, congratulations and have a good weekend.


Dave and I laughed and laughed when we read that. I love Ezekiel’s interpretation of what we told him. And I love that his teacher was able to decipher it correctly. She is such a great teacher for him. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

Tonight, poor Eze baby was utterly and completely exhausted. He had another meltdown when it was time to leave after-school care, and cried at most things this evening. Then, in true Eze-stressed-out fashion, he had some poo issues. He cried the saddest cry tonight as he worked through those issues. Time to go back on Miralax! We knew that would likely happen, so it wasn’t a surprise. It just broke my heart to see him hurting so badly.

Dave and I chuckled later over what our anniversaries look like now vs. what they looked like pre-kids. We wouldn’t trade it for the world. And it helps that tomorrow night Dave and I will get a good and proper date!

An older pic of Ezekiel from summer – daycare had done face painting (they made Eze up like a pirate), and it had all worn off by the time he got home. Except for the paint on his forehead and eyebrows. This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.


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