Road Trip!

Tomorrow, bright and early, Ezekiel and I head out with part of my family to drive down to St Louis for my cousin’s wedding. I’m SO excited for the wedding. Not as excited about the 9.5-hour drive each way. I guess it’s one way to get me ready for a long long looooooong plane ride in 4-12 weeks. (I’ve been trying to teach myself to sleep any which way except my belly the past couple of weeks, in hopes I’d be able to sleep on the plane by the time we get our call – it’s not going so well. I wake up each morning on my belly :/ )

I’ve packed lots and lots of reading material for the drive (maybe I should pack some motion sickness pills too?). Along with my Kindle, which is packed with many mindless entertaining books (which is all I can focus on these days), I’ve loaded my bag with books like “Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft” and “Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections”. Oooh, writing those out reminds me that I have one more by Deborah Gray that I need to grab from my bookshelves. What better time to catch up on our adoption attachment and bonding tips and strategies?!

We had decided earlier this week that Dave would stay home so that he could keep working, and not take any vacation time (trying to save that up), and could also get some of the things that we have to get done around the house before Little Mr #2 comes home. Then we got the e-mail that we may potentially travel sooner than we expected. I’m really glad that we had made that decision for him to stay home already, because I’m feeling more anxious than ever about getting this all done. I’m one lucky lady to have such an ambitious, handy guy for a husband!


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