Mom Of The Year Award: FAIL

Today was just one of those super cruddy days. We get to a point every year where we are ready for the landscaping season to be over (even with my intense hatred for winter). It gets earlier and earlier each year. We are at that point. This year has been HARD. Dave has poured in so many hours to design landscapes and create estimates, but people haven’t been as eager to partake in Dave’s amazing landscaping skills this year. It’s getting him down. And I HATE seeing my favorite person down in the dumps.

Our day didn’t work out as planned. We had some documents we needed to have signed and notarized for Simon’s adoption, and our timing with each other just didn’t work out. We were both frustrated.

I carpooled home with my dad, and my mom had picked up Ezekiel from daycare. So Ezekiel and I went to my parents’ house for supper with our Bible study group, and Dave got some chill out time at home. Eze and I played together, and then we sat down for supper. He ate outside with the other kiddos, and complained that his stomach hurt each time I came out to check on him. He’s been using that excuse a lot lately, so I just asked him to eat what he could and then clear his plate.

About a half hour later, he told me he was starving for dessert. I told him I’d be happy to heat up the hotdog he hadn’t eaten, and he just scowled at me and stomped away. When it was time to go home, he was acting kind of whiny and rude. He complained again about his belly hurting, and I jokingly asked him if he wanted me to turn him upside down. He giggled and said “yeah”, so I complied. I set him back down and he walked over to my dad’s car. Before he could hop in, he sort of spit on the ground. Then he moaned, “oh no…” and threw up all of his supper while I held him around his chest so he didn’t fall forward.

Before Dave and I had kids, he promised that he’d be in charge of throw up because I really don’t handle the smell or sight of it well. Surprise surprise, the first time that Ezekiel really and truly throws up is when we’re not with Dave. Thank God it was outside, and didn’t get on me. Poor baby told me his nose smelled “wully bad”, so we blew it about 100 times, took a bath when we got home, and snuggled up together before bedtime.

What a day.


Scared. Excited. Nervous. Elated.

Those are some of the feelings flying around at mustang speed around my heart and belly right now. Each week I see more and more people getting their travel calls from the group before us. It’s looking more and more like we’ll be traveling in September. My stomach aches most evenings when I think about it, and my heart flutters like crazy when I talk about it at work.

And like I mentioned in my last post, there are a few other things going on in our lives too…

– August 31: Our current renters move out of our townhouse up in Wac-town (45 minutes away from our house).
– Labor Day weekend: We’ll spend the weekend cleaning/fixing/replacing/building a doorway/whatever else comes up in the rental.
– September 4: Our conference with Ezekiel’s kindergarten teacher (!!!)
– September 6: Ezekiel’s first day of kindergarten (!!!)
– September 7-9: Finish cleaning and doing whatever is needed at the townhouse.
– September 14: Our ten-year anniversary (we thought we’d be taking a trip to our honeymoon spot, but now we’ll be saving up to celebrate in Seoul!) (How did we get here? 10 years???).
– September 15: Our new renter moves into the townhouse.

I’m predicting we’ll get our travel call smack dab in the middle of all of that. Because God has a sense of humor like that. This has been the best accidental weight loss plan I’ve ever been on!

Dave and Eze are spending this weekend up north with his family. I am spending the weekend at home. I know it’ll be my last weekend at home by myself for a long time, so I plan to enjoy my weekend thoroughly! I have school shopping, Korea shopping, and shopping to do, peaches to can, books to read, friends (and family – my gran, brother and sister-in-law!) to meet up with, naps to take, and yoga to calm me.

After this weekend, I think I’ll feel more ready to bring Simon home. We still have some prayers:

1. That we are able to save up the rest of the money we need for the travel expenses and post-adoption expenses.

2. That our rental turnover doesn’t produce any major expenses.

3. That Ezekiel’s and Simon’s (and our) hearts will be prepared to become a family.

Ezekiel was the perfect test subject for the new baby carrier I bought for Simon. Eze still has ten pounds to go before he is too big for it. I can’t wait to “ah boo bah” Simon (hold him on my back).

My little big boy riding the fun slide at the county fair last weekend!

So big!

On the way to a wedding last Saturday. I love this bearded man.

Best big brother ever.


When we were waiting to bring Ezekiel home from the Philippines, there was one song that stuck with me, and would bring me to tears as I sat and prayed for Ezekiel and waited to bring him home. It was “Lullaby” by the Dixie.Chicks. I would sing it often, and had it memorized by the time we finally traveled to the Philippines. When we got into the taxi cab after receiving custody of him at the orphanage, I sang that song to him while he laid on my chest.


When we look at that picture, he still tells me it’s one of his favorites. It is one of mine too. Every night for the first couple of years he was home, I would sing that song to him while I lotioned him up and put his jammies on. He knows that it is our special song, and though I don’t sing it to him as often anymore, he’ll give me a huge grin and snuggle into my arms if I start to sing it.

I’d been thinking ever since we began the adventure to adopt Simon about what song would be my special song for him. And yet again, it’s a Dixie.Chicks song that strikes me as the right one for him. The song is “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)”. I love the whole song, but during this wait, I’ve really liked these words…

God bless mommy and match box cars
God bless dad and thanks for the stars
God hears Amen wherever we are
And I love you

Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
Oh, my love will fly to you
Each night on angel’s wings
Godspeed, sweet dreams

One Year!

One year ago, we found out that we were the lucky, blessed people to become Simon’s family. I will never forget the nervousness of that day as we waited to hear back from our agency. And the happy tears that flowed when I heard that I would be Simon’s mama. I never thought at that time that we’d wait quite so long to bring him home. Now we are only weeks away from holding him in our arms. I can’t wait for that day!




Road Trip!

Tomorrow, bright and early, Ezekiel and I head out with part of my family to drive down to St Louis for my cousin’s wedding. I’m SO excited for the wedding. Not as excited about the 9.5-hour drive each way. I guess it’s one way to get me ready for a long long looooooong plane ride in 4-12 weeks. (I’ve been trying to teach myself to sleep any which way except my belly the past couple of weeks, in hopes I’d be able to sleep on the plane by the time we get our call – it’s not going so well. I wake up each morning on my belly :/ )

I’ve packed lots and lots of reading material for the drive (maybe I should pack some motion sickness pills too?). Along with my Kindle, which is packed with many mindless entertaining books (which is all I can focus on these days), I’ve loaded my bag with books like “Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft” and “Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections”. Oooh, writing those out reminds me that I have one more by Deborah Gray that I need to grab from my bookshelves. What better time to catch up on our adoption attachment and bonding tips and strategies?!

We had decided earlier this week that Dave would stay home so that he could keep working, and not take any vacation time (trying to save that up), and could also get some of the things that we have to get done around the house before Little Mr #2 comes home. Then we got the e-mail that we may potentially travel sooner than we expected. I’m really glad that we had made that decision for him to stay home already, because I’m feeling more anxious than ever about getting this all done. I’m one lucky lady to have such an ambitious, handy guy for a husband!

EP Approved!!!

Oh.My.Goodness. Korea is on a roll! We found out this afternoon that Simon’s emigration permit was approved yesterday, July 31. And with his visa physical scheduled for tomorrow, August 2nd, things are speeding along (finally!)!!! Our agency anticipates that we will get our travel call sometime between early September thru November. I have a feeling that it will be on the earlier side of that prediction, but I’m actually okay if it doesn’t come until late September or early October, as long as we are with him on his second birthday!! I feel like a crazy person wanting it to happen so quickly, and at the same time saying it’d be okay if it took a few weeks longer. But Ezekiel starts Kindergarten at the beginning of September, and our rental turns over to a new tenant on September 15. But God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, right? And He wants to shower us with blessings, right? Well it seems like it’s pouring right now 🙂 We are so incredibly happy that things are moving along. We’re coming to get you soon, Simon baby!!!

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