Vee Pee!

Today we were so surprised to get an e-mail from our agency that Simon’s visa physical (VP) appointment has been scheduled for August 2nd! In the past, that would mean travel is right around the corner, but our agency has recently changed how this next part of the process goes. Visa physicals can be done before the emigration permit is approved (they used to have to wait until after the EP was approved). The fact that this is scheduled doesn’t mean we’ll travel any sooner, but it means another big step is soon to be behind us!

The next two things that need to happen are for Simon’s emigration permit to be approved, and then for his visa interview. How do you interview a two-year old? I think it’s more like a photo session to get his visa all ready for traveling home (HOME!!!), but it’s still called a visa interview. Anyway. Once those two steps are done, our travel call can come any time after that. I am still anticipating an October/ November travel date. If it comes any sooner than that, I’ll be happily surprised!

Eze baby’s visa picture – I can’t wait to see Simon’s!!!


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