Sick (Take Two)

Poor Ezekiel woke up with another fever this morning, after 4 days of feeling much better. He came into our room at 4:30 to tell us he had an accident, and Dave got up with him. Dave got up with him and changed his sheets, then gave him a hug to reassure him that all was well. He thought Ezekiel seemed really hot, but it’s been really warm here lately, so he didn’t think ‘fever’ right away. But then Ezekiel was acting kind of strange – talking really loudly, and then kind of whimpering. Dave decided to take his temp, and sure enough it was another 101.6 temp. He told us his throat is hurting all over again 😦

After Dave and I were up and going this morning, Dave told me that this conversation took place when he got up with Eze:

Eze: Dad? Am I dying?
Dave: No sweetheart, you’re not dying. You just have a bug in your body.
Eze: There’s something in my body?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
Dave: No, not like that. It’s very little. Like on Curious George, when Toots the Germ goes into his body and he gets a cold.
Eze: (silence – still not liking this explanation)
Dave: You’ll be okay, we’ll get you feeling better.

A pic from Eze’s last sick day – a successful “No Pants” day.


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