4 years

4 years ago today, we found out Mr Ezekiel was our son. What a magical and joyous day that was. This week, with Simon’s EP submission, Ezekiel has had more questions about adoption than ever. I love talking with him about his story, and hearing how he processes what we tell him.

The other day, he told me excitedly, “Know what, Mom??? Alex (his best buddy) was born in a hospital!!!!!!” I kind of giggled and said, “So were you, buddy.” He said “No I wasn’t Mom, I was born in the Philippines!” I replied, “There are hospitals in the Philippines too, and you were born in one there!”

And he has all kinds of questions about why Simon isn’t staying with his birth parents, and why he isn’t going to stay living in Korea. We’ve had lots of good conversations about why sometimes parents need to make an adoption plan for their baby or child. He talks about how much he misses the Philippines, and how much he loves his birth parents. We tell him that makes our hearts so happy to hear how he feels about all of those subjects. We always want him to feel comfortable sharing those feelings with us.

Lastly, we both spent a day home with Ezekiel this week when he wasn’t feeling well. Each of those days, separately, Dave and I both made comments about how much we’ll miss spending our days with just Ezekiel. That as happy as we are that Simon is joining our family, we have absolutely loved focusing so much time, attention and love on Ezekiel. Ezekiel, both times, looked at us very seriously and said, “Mom (or Dad when he was talking to Dave), I think you’re going to hurt Simon’s feelings when you say that”. Such an awesome big brother already.


Eze Baby


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  1. Wendy Cushing
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 14:12:42

    Loved this, Rachel! Boy, has he grown up! Hope you have sweet Simon in your arms ASAP!!!!


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