EP Submitted!

What a day! Yesterday was my birthday. Ezekiel had swimming lessons, and I had decided I wanted to go swimming after we ate supper. We were so rushed for time that instead of the delicious homemade meal we were going to make, we stopped for some chicken from KFC, ate quickly and went swimming. Dave and I played games after Eze went to bed. A pretty fun day, for it being on a Wednesday and having to work on my birthday (boo to whoever made up that rule) 🙂

Last night I went to bed and felt a dull headache coming on. I assumed it was from the salty supper, and went to sleep, rather than taking anything for it. Bad idea. I woke up this morning with a near-migraine. I decided to finally take something, and sleep a bit longer. I woke up later than normal, and started getting ready for work. As I was coming out of the bathroom, Ezekiel was standing in the hallway. He told me, “Mom? My froat feels like I took a really big bite of something, and forgot to chew it before I swallowed it”. I took his temp, and sure enough he had a fever. I was so glad the timing worked out the way it did this morning so that I could shower some Mama love on him all day. I guess I had a headache for a reason!

Eze and I spent the morning chilling out, reading books and he watched television while I made work phone calls and worked a bit on the computer. I got the brilliant idea to wipe down my computer at some point late in the morning. For some reason, pushing down on the keys of my computer made the whole thing go *completely* crazy. I couldn’t get my computer to work, so I gave up for a while and made lunch and laid Eze down for his rest. Once Eze was down, I decided to quick check my e-mail on my phone. As I pulled up the screen, I saw an e-mail notification pop up that said, “EP Submitted, July 12!” from our adoption coordinator from our placement agency. I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest when I saw that!!!

I tried calling Dave about 90 times in 5 minutes. He was finishing up a landscaping project today, and was using a saw, so he never heard me calling. I finally called his brother (who he works with), and he didn’t even ask why I was calling, we’re both so used to Dave not hearing his phone 🙂 Dave finally called me back, and didn’t believe me the first two times I told him the news.

Once I got done talking to Dave, I was itching to get on the computer to do some research, and I also needed to get some things done for work. I remembered then (and was grateful) that my dad had dropped his old computer off for us to have. It wasn’t always working the way it was supposed to, but it did exactly what I needed today! While working on reports for work and researching how long it will be until we travel, I vacillated between intense happiness and an overwhelming feeling that we were crazy for doing this all over again.

According to our agency, we will travel sometime in the late fall/early winter. I’m still praying for Simon to be home for his birthday, but am SO happy knowing that he will definitely be home by Christmas. It’s going to be magical being a family of four for the holidays 🙂

Edited to add: My boys know how to give me incredibly birthday presents – Ezekiel’s referral came three days after my 28th birthday. And now Simon’s EP submitted the day after my thirty-something birthday!


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