When Dave and I had been married for almost seven years, I noticed that summer that my left ring finger kept getting hives on it any time I wore my wedding ring. For the next three years, I tried lots of remedies, but no matter what, whenever I wore my wedding ring, I’d break out. I thought it was just the summer heat, but this last winter I could barely wear my ring without having issues. I even have scarring on my finger that doesn’t go away, even after the hives and rash heal.

A few years ago, at my grandma’s 90th birthday party, she gave all of my girl cousins and me our pick of a ring of hers or my late grandpa’s. I chose my grandpa’s wedding band. A simple thin gold band. I had it fixed (it had been cut in order to remove it after my grandpa injured his hand on the farm), and sized to fit my middle finger. I’ve worn it ever since with no issues.

Since our ten year anniversary is coming up in September (insane. That seems like a long time, but has flown by), I asked Dave if we could look at a new wedding band for me. We kept talking about it, but never spent time looking for one.

Today after lunch, we headed over to the park in town (our town has a huge 4th of July celebration – loads of fun) to look around at the art and other vendors, and (of course) grab some mini donuts and a chocolate shake. I ran into another adoptive mom who was wondering about Simon, so I stood and talked with her for a while. I caught up with Dave after I was done talking with my friend, and he told me, “I have to show you something!” (I love my husband for this. He loves to shop and look around. I hate to shop and look around. So he finds stuff he knows or hopes I’d think is cool, and brings me to it). The first stand we went to had a great gift for my mom, so we bought it (not spilling any secrets, Mamasita!). The next stand he took me to had these beautiful WOODEN rings. And they weren’t carved from wood. They were bent with all of the sap taken out of the ring, so they were nice and light, just like a regular metal ring. I was floored. It was right up my alley – something different AND something I could wear without getting hives all over my finger. We found the perfect band for me and bought it. It feels good to be married again 🙂 Our brother-in-law jokingly asked if we’d like to say some vows to each other after we got out of the vendor’s stand.

to my Dave: I do. Forever and ever. Amen.



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