Dear Uncle Nate

A little background on this… A couple of weeks ago, Ezekiel and I were talking about big brothers. His Uncle Nate is my big brother, so I was telling him what an awesome big brother he is, and also about some of the “big brother” things he did to us when we were little. One example: my brother would toot into his hand or a jar, and then tell us to come over and look at something. Then he’d shove it in our faces. You know, brotherly love. Ezekiel thought this was hilariously awesome.

After Ezekiel wrote his letter to the mail lady last weekend wishing for mail, we told him that the best way to get mail was to send letters to other people. A couple of mornings later, I saw a blank envelope sitting on the counter when I was getting ready for work. I opened it up to look inside and found this. My brother called me this afternoon when he checked his mailbox after work. Hearing his laugh was awesome. He and Ezekiel are definitely two peas in a pod.


“Dear Uncle Nate, I miss you. I miss tooting with you. I like playing with you. Here’s a picture of toots in a jar.”


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