Wishes Really Do Come True?

Tonight before bedtime, Ezekiel picked the book  Pinocchio for us to read to him. We read through the book, and I got to the very last line of the book, “And so, you see, wishes really do come true”. As Ezekiel jumped off of my lap, he said, “But Mom, wishes don’t really come true”. I asked him what he meant. He told me, “I’ve been wishing for Simon to come home for a really long time. And he’s never coming home”. Ugh. Stab me through the heart. I gave him a little squeeze and asked him if he really thought that, or if someday Simon will come home. He glumly told me, “Someday, Simon will come home”. And wandered off. I cuddled him into bed later, and prayed for him to feel better (slight cold), and for our wish to come true. For Simon to come home.

I hate this wait.


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  1. ktpeacemommy
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 21:09:56

    We have a couple in our bible study adopting from Russia. We’ve been praying tem through the process for several years now. Their court date in Russiais in a few weeks to get approval. I’ve been praying for you both and your kids…God’s watching over them whie you wait. Thatboy is so lucky even now to have parents praying for him and loving him even from afar! you’re doing great!


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