Bad Phone Luck

Yesterday Dave was working on our front landscape and set his phone down on the bumper of our beloved We left a few minutes later to pick up Ezekiel from my parents’ house. Dave headed back in to our house later to pick up supplies to eat supper with my parents and grandpa. About 5 minutes after he left, my parents’ phone rang and I saw that it was our home phone number. I answered and Dave asked, “Rach, have you seen my phone out there?” I looked around, but only saw mine and my mom’s phones. I told him that, and then he uttered the words he has uttered more than one time in our life together, “I think I ran over my phone”. He had never picked it up off of the bumper of our car. I laughed pretty hard for a few minutes, then told him I’d take my dad’s car out to look for the phone. My mom (giggling the whole time) joined me on the hunt. I didn’t have to drive very far. It was about 50 yards down the gravel road from my parent’s driveway. In 3 pieces. With a completely shattered face plate. It had definitely been run over. I brought it inside and called the phone. It still rang, but the screen stayed black (and shattered). Thank goodness he was eligible for a new phone June 1, but hadn’t gone to the store to upgrade quite yet.

It got me thinking about why it’s so easy to laugh about this. Probably because of this list:

Fall 2001: Dave was working for Tree Trust, and helping cut down trees in a wooded area. He lost his phone during work one day, and we searched for hours to no avail.

Between 2001 – 2008: I can’t remember, but Dave has never just upgraded to a new phone. It’s always been a replacement for a broken phone.

Summer 2008: Set his phone on the bumper of his work truck at one of his work sites. Somehow ran over his own phone.

January 2011: Had his phone in his lap while driving. Got out of his truck and didn’t notice his phone drop. When he realized it was missing, he thought it had fallen out of his pocket while raking huge snow drifts off of our roof. I proceeded to bring in loads and loads of snow to melt in the house in hopes of finding the phone. The hardware store, in the meantime, found Dave’s phone on the street, pressed “Talk” and got a hold of my dad. The last person Dave had called on his phone. Small town = they know my dad, and as soon as they heard his voice, told him they had found this phone and it had been run over.

July 2011: Dave put his phone in the pocket of his swim trunks. Then proceeded to jump in the outdoor pool in town for an evening of summer fun. Felt something heavy in his pocket. Yep. The phone.

June 2012: See above.

Poor Dave is teased by both his family and my family for his luck with phones. My family has the same cell phone carrier as us, and they give us their old phones every time they upgrade. Even my best friend gave us her old Android phone the last time she upgraded, just in case. We make very good use of these recycled phones. And of our phone insurance plans.

Sad phone


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