A Sort-of Update

On Friday, after we got home from the wedding, I saw we had gotten our monthly update from the adoption agency. The past monthly updates have said 8-12 months to travel from approval date (ours is October 21). This month’s update said “approximately 12 months”. Which to me says without saying, “maybe 12 months, maybe 13, maybe 14, heck maybe 2 years”.

In this post, I mentioned that we received news from our agency that we’d likely travel in 2012 to bring Simon home. We’ve been hearing rumors around some of the forums online that other families with an approval date close to ours heard that there is a chance they won’t travel until 2013. I have taken that to mean that we are in the same boat. I had a slight meltdown while processing that change in expectations.

I started thinking about an e-mail we had gotten from our agency a few months back. If we chose, we could fly over to Korea before it was time to bring Simon home for (2) 1-hour visits with Simon and his foster family. At the time I dismissed the idea, because I knew we couldn’t afford both a “visit trip” and also travel a few months later to bring Simon home. After we heard the rumors that we might not travel in 2012, I vowed that I would see Simon on his second birthday, even if it meant putting the “visit trip” on a credit card. On Thursday night I met up with my Ali and told her “the day of his birth his birth mom was there, on his first birthday his foster mom was there, and for his second birthday I need to be there”.

But on Friday, the second part of the update from our agency announced that they would no longer be able to accommodate families coming to visit their children. There is just too much work to do for the emigration permits, and for the families traveling to bring their children home. We understand that, and whole-heartedly agree that bringing the children home is top priority.

My prayers are more fervent than ever that we get approval to bring Simon home for his second birthday in October.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda McQuinn Carlblom
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 21:34:55

    Rachel, I’ll be praying with you that you are able to bring Simon home for his 2nd birthday. God has His big, tender hands on him even while you’re apart. Love you guys.


    • The Mom
      Jun 03, 2012 @ 21:59:51

      Thanks Aunt Linda, that reminder brought tears to my eyes. We feel the love all the way from AZ. Thank you thank you thank you for praying with us.


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