Wedding Fun

Last night we celebrated Dave’s cousin, Mitch, marrying a great girl, Megan. We all had a blast. Mitch had asked Dave to sing our wedding song during the reception. It felt like our wedding day all over again šŸ™‚ Ezekiel danced like a maniac, and we all lost track of time until Ezekiel had a royal meltdown. It was time for us to head home at that point – 10:30 pm. Whoops! Naps for all today.

Some fun from last night:

– Seeing and catching up with Dave’s cousin Brad and his wife Regan. I met them the same night I met Dave and we adore these guys. Their daughter is a riot, it was so fun to see that silly little lady getting bigger.

– Ezekiel “taking pictures” with my phone. I have approximately 39 self portraits of Ezekiel and one of his brand new Captain America ring.

– Ezekiel is slightly afraid of toddler babies. His almost-one year old cousin Owen was fascinated by him and trying to touch his face. Ezekiel backed away and glanced at me with a what-do-I-do look on his face. I just giggled.









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