“So he’s ahead of me?”

Last night, we were getting Ezekiel ready for bed when he started bringing up his best stalling tactic – Ask-Dad-a-question-about-Simon-and/or-adoption. Little stinker bottom already knows that is a topic that we are always willing and happy to talk about with him, and uses it to extend bedtime out every once in a while. I immediately told him we’d talk about it some other time that wasn’t a time when he was supposed to be sleeping and gave him a kiss good night.

I headed out to the living room to work on the computer for a bit and heard Ezekiel ask Dave, “What day is it in Korea?” Dave answered, “Well, if it’s Monday evening here, then it’s… it’s… RACH? What day is it in Korea right now?” I called back that it was Tuesday morning in Korea. Dave came out to the living room a couple of minutes later chuckling. He told me that after he answered Ezekiel’s question, Ezekiel kept saying, “So Simon’s ahead of me?” (Mr Competitive – hates being last in line, last for anything).

This morning I called home while I was driving in to work and Dave told me that Ezekiel woke up still thinking about adoption and Simon and time zones, etc. I heard him say, “When you and Mom go get Simon, you’ll be ahead of me. But when Simon comes home, he’ll be the same as us. Will that make him feel sad that his foster family is ahead of him?”

I love watching and listening to Ezekiel process life.


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